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1. F.U. Woody Allen (2017)


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African American Screenwriter, Virgil Starkwell Johnson discovers that his creative role model Woody Allen doesn't often cast or write roles for black actors in his films. He painfully struggles with the revelation that his Hero is Human.

Director: Jonathan Cocco | Stars: Josef Cannon, Damaris Chevalier, David Hood, Heidi James

2. Le jour du père (2014)

60 min | Drama, Family, Music

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When Music Producer Sistine Angelo discovers that his estranged father, accomplished Jazz pianist, Winston Jones has died before they were able to reconcile. He begins to struggle with his ... See full summary »

Directors: Anthony C. Hall, Josef Cannon | Stars: Karen Albert, Shelley Albert, Amanda Barton, Rhona Bennett

Votes: 16

3. Three Bars

Drama | Filming

When one soul inhabits the bodies of three different men over various time periods and locations, the women each are connected to are unaware but their bond refuses to be broken, traveling with them through many incarnations of life.

Directors: Josef Cannon, Justin Nesbitt | Stars: Tristan Cunningham, Josef Cannon, Tasha Tacosa, Pete Kasper

4. Bloody Christmas LA

Horror | Announced

Five unsuspecting strangers are are trapped in a Los Angeles jail on the anniversary of the 1951 Bloody Christmas riots. They must find a way to stop the vengeful spirits spawned at the violent event before they all die.

Director: Josef Cannon

5. Helsing University (2015)


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Students majoring in Cryptozoology (The study of Vampires) at "Helsing University" commonly known as "HEL U accidentally discover hidden mysteries that have surrounded the institution for many centuries.

Director: Josef Cannon | Stars: Monika Browne, Josef Cannon, Griff Kohout

Votes: 11

6. Love and the Cookbook (2015– )


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Stars: Osa Sjoberg, Josef Cannon, Griff Kohout, Rebekka Mueller

7. Christmas Grieve (2019)


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The upcoming Holidays won't be the same as a guilt ridden daughter can't avoid reliving the events of her parents death which occurred on Christmas Eve three years prior.

Director: Josef Cannon | Stars: Rosa Aguayo, Josef Cannon, Metra Dee, Roy Eisenstein

9. Feeling Goode (2015)


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The story of an aging baseball player, Sebastian Goode (Josef Cannon) attempting to become the 1st African American to qualify for The Tour de France in its 111 year history.

Director: Josef Cannon | Stars: Josef Cannon, Roy Eisenstein, David Hood, Pete Kasper

10. Final Promises (2013)


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Communist-ridden Bulgaria forces the separation of young brothers: one sent to America with a father's hope of better opportunity, the other left behind to endure the war of an impoverished... See full synopsis »

Director: Josef Cannon | Stars: Alexander J. Farrell, Dominic Farrell, Zana Salobir, Velile Tshabalala

11. Tortured Chicago

Biography, Drama | Announced

CPD Detective Jon Burge and his "midnight crew's reign of terror on Darrell Cannon and Anthony Holmes, torturing them with electrocution, games of Russian roulette as well as suffocation in order to get false confessions.

12. Low Point (2020)


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After the death of his father, Rafael gets in trouble with the law and is given a second chance to prove himself but he needs his trainer Will, to do so.

Director: Thomas Macias | Stars: Josef Cannon, Giovanni Valle, Nylah Ky'Marie Young

13. Fragmented Truth (2014)


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Undercover agents Israel Gutierrez (Adam Karst) and Miami Lane (Josef Cannon) sent to Sofia Bulgaria on what was believed to be a simple training mission only to find themselves at the center of high stakes corruption.

Director: Josef Cannon | Stars: Josef Cannon, Roy Eisenstein, Alexander J. Farrell, Adam Karst

Votes: 25

14. The Canals (2015 TV Movie)


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Chronicles the journey and lives of five Individuals who are all drawn to the city of Venice by various postcards featuring "The Canals" that have impacted each of their lives.

Directors: Josef Cannon, Roy Eisenstein, Rob Tyler | Stars: Amanda Barton, Josef Cannon, Jordyn Curley, Roy Eisenstein

15. The Best of Both Worlds

Comedy | Announced

With the unexpected death of a son/husband/father, Three generations of women are united under one roof. A white southern Jewish Grandmother, her African-American daughter-in-law and her bi-racial grandchild.

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