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1. Extraordinary Encounters

Biography, Horror, Thriller | Pre-production

A Bio-Thriller Supernatural, entitled, Extraordinary Encounters. Most would consider it one in a billion: God calls a being from his treasure to earth. Who is born in a ghost town, sees a ... See full summary »

Director: Jesse R. Butler

2. Alien Zombie Cell

Action, Horror, Sci-Fi | Pre-production

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Director: Colin Stewart | Stars: Dawna Lee Heising, Aki Aleong, David J. Paul, Mike Mitchell

3. Marooned Mini-Series

Action, Adventure, Crime | Pre-production

Out at sea, an evil twin throws his brother overboard, left for dead, he lands on an island, where he struggles with love, betrayal, and his brother's revenge.

4. DVD Murders

Action, Crime, Drama | Pre-production

Former homicide detective Brenda Corrino was held captive and assaulted by the DVD murderer while working undercover. Her life suddenly leaps from post-traumatic stress disorder recovery to something even worse: murder.

Director: Still Open

5. Forgive Me Father for I Have Sinned (2015)

Biography, Crime, Drama

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A vicious priest takes over the life of a woman and her family, and makes her life a horrible nightmare. This is written from true events, from the author's published book and real life memoir.

Director: Still Open

6. Cowgirl's Christmas Romance

Action, Romance, Western | Pre-production

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Director: Colin Stewart | Stars: Kevin Leslie, Mike Mitchell, Terry G. Reed, Kathy Krantz

7. Deviltry Afoot

Crime, Horror, Thriller | Pre-production

The story is about a mother's quest for justice. Tina's daughter is savagely murdered. Setting out Tina is determined to find answers. She comes to learn her adversary is Donald Fate. ... See full summary »

Director: Still Open

8. Careers: A Martial Arts Love Story

Action, Drama, Romance | Pre-production

The careers of a struggling kung fu school master and a successful actress interfere with their romance.

Director: Colin Stewart | Stars: Mike Mitchell, Marten Eckerstrom, Kathy Krantz, Greg Maluma

9. The Price We Must Pay for Our Father's Sins

Action, Crime, Drama | Pre-production

Jim Elliott is the head of a corrupt organization, where crime and acts of terror are committed against humanity; nobody crosses him and lives to talk about it. His family must pay the ultimate price for his behavior.

Director: Still Open

10. In the Garden

Drama, Family, Romance | Pre-production

A young paralyzed woman has to face obstacles, tragedy, and loss, as she holds tight to her faith in the Lord.

Director: Still Open | Stars: Kathy Krantz, Christal Kahles

11. Hijack at Malacca (2017)

Action, Adventure, Crime

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Director: Still Open

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