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1. Cyberlante (2020)

80 min | Thriller | Post-production

A mysterious young man moves to a new town to work in a low level job in an isolated hotel, run by an unsympathetic bully who has deadly secrets of his own.

Director: James Smith | Stars: Emily Haigh, Kellyann Summers, Mia Mills, Mark Peachey

2. Do Something, Jake (2018)

109 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller

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An unemployed introvert, unable to read or write, draws on brilliant ingenuity when the woman he secretly loves is threatened.

Director: James Smith | Stars: Dee Quemby, Mia Mills, Mark Kitto, Vicki Glover

Votes: 40

3. Surveilled (2020)

90 min | Horror, Thriller | Post-production

Inspired by popular crime novels depicting a violent serial killer, a copycat murderer emerges to terrorize the town of Clairmont.

Director: James Smith | Stars: Timothy Skyler Dunigan, Thon Vaultron, Dee Quemby, Mia Mills

4. Last Good Deed (2021)

Thriller | Announced

A woman seizes an unusual opportunity to tackle anti-social neighbors.

Director: James Smith | Stars: Dee Quemby, Johnny Kinch

5. Agent Kelly (2020)

90 min | Thriller | Completed

Experimental thriller about a female assassin who avenged the killing of a friend and now becomes the hunted.

Director: James Smith | Stars: Mia Mills, Alejandro Albarracín, Chris Sanders, Caroline Spence

6. The Finca

95 min | Mystery, Thriller | Announced

An ambitious but burned out PR executive takes a sabbatical from her high profile job in London's fashion industry. Rediscovering her inner drive in the steamy heat of Southern Spain, she ... See full summary »

Director: James Smith | Star: Alejandro Albarracín

7. Money Now, Glory Later (2011)

82 min | Documentary, Music

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The crazy journey of songwriter James Ryan as he attempts to song-write his way out of hard economic times with just an old guitar and a notepad full of original songs.

Director: James Smith

8. A Real Peach (2018)

11 min | Short, Crime

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In this 1940s noir-spoof, covert meetings, a murdered tenant, a dangerous criminal, and some thoroughly dashing chaps are all unwittingly linked by 'a real peach' of a plan.

Director: James Smith | Stars: Mark Kitto, Vicki Glover, Chloe Crump, Jonathan Whittington

9. Keep Up If You Can (2009)

13 min | Short, Thriller

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They placed a bug in the system as an insurance policy... but they didn't figure they'd all be sacked at once. Now the bug is out of control and WWIII is a terrifying reality.

Director: James Smith | Stars: Jonathan Hansler, Austin Hardiman, Misty Kelley, Hainsley Lloyd Bennett

Votes: 7

10. Gentlemen of the Night (2006)

60 min | History

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A journey into one of the darker aspects of Britain's past and an investigation into one of the most notorious towns in 18th Century smuggling history.

Director: James Smith

11. Escape the Confines

Horror | Announced

A woman falls in love with the heir to a prestigious design firm, only to find that his business harbours a dark side.

Director: James Smith

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