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1. Anagram (II)

Drama | Announced

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2. Havana Kyrie (2019)

Drama | Completed

Rossini Cuban style. A lost man finds passion again in Cuba, aided by music and the son he never met.

Director: Paolo Consorti | Stars: Ron Perlman, Franco Nero, Jorge Perugorría, Luca Lionello

3. The Empire of Havana

Crime, History | Announced

THE EMPIRE OF HAVANA is set in 1957 Havana, during the last days of the U.S. mafia in Fulgencio Batista's Cuba, as seen through the eyes of a young croupier and personal driver to Meyer Lansky, the architect of the mob's overseas empire.

5. Faster Than Light

Sci-Fi | Announced

Brendan Black, Edward Lynden-Bell, Sasha Whitehouse and Sacha Rodriguez team up on a new Sci-Fi thriller to be shot in Melbourne, Australia.

Director: Sasha Whitehouse

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