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1. Dead Sound (2018)

82 min | Action, Thriller

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Four best friends from boarding school decide to attend a massive blow-out High School graduation party on Block Island. After missing the last ferry they decide to hire a fishing boat to ... See full summary »

Director: Tony Glazer | Stars: Jeff Kober, Matty Cardarople, Brett Azar, Caroline Day

Votes: 69

2. Big Dogs

52 min | Action, Crime, Drama | Post-production

BIG DOGS exists in an alternate reality of New York City. Businesses are shuttered, crime is rampant, black markets thrive. Drug are run via taxis and NYPD detectives use taxis for undercover teams trying to rein in the chaos.

Stars: Louis Carbonneau, Brett Cullen, Dennis Flanagan, Manny Perez

3. Beauty Mark (2017)

Not Rated | 87 min | Drama

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An empowering story inspired by true events, a poverty-stricken young mother is forced to move when her house is condemned. With no money and no options, she must confront her abusive past in order to save her family.

Director: Harris Doran | Stars: Madison Iseman, Jeff Kober, Laura Bell Bundy, Deirdre Lovejoy

Votes: 336

4. Lost Cat Corona (2017)

Not Rated | 85 min | Comedy

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A play-it-safe guy must search for his wife's missing cat, bringing him face-to-face with the colorful, wacky, and sometimes, the more dangerous element of his neighborhood, forcing him to confront his fears and rethink his M.O.

Director: Anthony Tarsitano | Stars: Sean Young, Gina Gershon, Ralph Macchio, Kathrine Narducci

Votes: 317

5. A Deadly Legend

Horror | Post-production

A real estate developer buys an old summer camp to build new homes. However, the property has a dark history with ties to a legend of early settlers and a rogue sect of pagans. A ... See full summary »

Director: Pamela Moriarty | Stars: Lori Petty, Judd Hirsch, Corbin Bernsen, Kristen Anne Ferraro

6. Above All Things (I) (2018)

90 min | Drama

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ABOVE ALL THINGS follows our hero, Bobby Larsen, who retreats to the family cottage by a lake in Upstate New York to deal with the death of his wife who comes back to haunt him in the land of the living.

Director: Monica Brady | Stars: John Behlmann, Michael Rabe, Valeri Mudek, Sean Young

Votes: 54

7. The Winter House

90 min | Drama | Post-production

Eileen is grieving. She needs to get away. She rents a house in a remote corner of New Hampshire, in the dead of winter, where no one is likely to bother her. But wouldn't you know it? Someone does.

Director: Keith Boynton | Stars: Lili Taylor, François Arnaud, Beth Fowler, Hunter Emery

8. Hostage (2012)

91 min | Thriller

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Junction follows four strung-out meth-addicts who discover a dark secret about a homeowner during a burglary, pitting them not only against the police but against each other.

Director: Tony Glazer | Stars: David Zayas, Michael O'Keefe, Anthony Rapp, Anthony Ruivivar

Votes: 467

9. The Scottish Play (II)

Drama | Post-production

A successful actress accepts the role of Lady Macbeth at a small New England theater, where she begins a flirtation with her charmingly awkward young director, and finds herself haunted by ... See full summary »

Director: Keith Boynton | Stars: Tina Benko, Peter Mark Kendall, Will Brill, Ali Ahn

10. After the Sun Fell (2016)

110 min | Drama

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When Adam arrives at Brandon's childhood home for the weekend, he uncovers a hole in the roof and a dark family secret: the death of a troubled brother nobody wants to talk about.

Director: Tony Glazer | Stars: Neal Bledsoe, Danny Pudi, Joanna Bayless, Lance Henriksen

Votes: 38

11. Wholly Broken (2018 TV Movie)


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This original faith based musical about everyday life explores the struggle between the brokenness of humanity and the saving grace of God's loving forgiveness.

Director: Tom Humbert | Stars: Tom Humbert, Terri Conn, Alicia Minshew, Nina Lafarga

Votes: 5

12. More Than Rivals

Family | Pre-production

This film is based on the true story of Eddie Sherlin and Bill Ligon.

13. One Night Only: Lights Out (2016 TV Movie)

23 min | Comedy

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Director: Jay Karas | Stars: Chris Cafero, E.J. Carroll, James Coker, Martin Ewens

14. Symposium (2017)

18 min | Short, Comedy, Drama

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A woman engaged in deep philosophical thought confounds a service man who stops by to solve the mystery of her migrating kitchen appliance, leading to the revelation of a shared secret.

Directors: Tom Grady, Keith Oncale | Stars: Margaret Avery, Ezra Knight

15. Little West 12th Street (2017 TV Movie)

Comedy, Drama

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Little West 12th Street-Set in Manhattan's West Village, a neighborhood bar and coffee shop bring together a group of diverse friends that deal with change , impotency, love, and authentic life situations.

Director: Roberto Monticello | Stars: Marjorie Austrian, Becky Boggs, Kevin Brown, Wes Hager

16. Mired (2016)

10 min | Short, Drama

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A young man wakes to find his mud-covered relatives back from the grave.

Director: Tony Glazer | Stars: Sutton Foster, Reed Birney, Sondra James, Neil Holland

Votes: 19

17. A Younger Man (2011)

9 min | Short, Drama

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"Come grow old with me, the best is yet to be." A Younger Man is a short film that explores the choices you make when life cheats you out of the best. Rosa, a woman who has been saddled ... See full summary »

Director: John Howard Swain | Stars: Christopher Burns, Brian Carney, Brad Holbrook, Chris Kipiniak

18. Best Death Ever

Comedy | Announced

A tucked-in bank executive takes off on an eye-opening adventure with her mother's hunky caregiver, helping terminal patients live out the death of their dreams.

Director: Andrea Shreeman | Star: James Paxton

19. American Stare

Drama | Announced

Set in a trailer-park, this dark comedy mines the anger of the white lower class, following the lives of 3 sets of people; a widowed woman and her dog, a disabled and accused child-predator, and a couple and their teenage daughter.

Director: Tony Glazer

20. Miss Liberty (I)

Family | Announced

A cow escapes from a slaughterhouse and finds refuge in the backyard of a man who is owed money from the slaughterhouse, and he seizes the cow as collateral. Events quickly escalate when a well known animal rights activist arrives in town.

Director: Tony Glazer

21. These Things We Hold (2015)

12 min | Short, Drama

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Martha Wainwright, guilt ridden and despondent after the death of her twin sister, resorts to hoarding in an effort to grieve.

Director: Tony Glazer | Stars: Summer Crockett Moore, Ami Ankin, Joanna Bayless, Marshall Simon

22. Lancelot (III)

Drama | Announced

A young man struggles to create a new life as an unknown "nobody" in a desolate town, when the woman who seduced him as a boy comes to town to reclaim him and rekindle their passion and the artist trapped within.

Director: Tony Glazer | Star: Romy Nordlinger

23. Mired

Drama | Announced

A young man wakes to find his mud-covered relatives back from the grave.

Director: Tony Glazer | Star: Neil Holland

24. Making of Junction Featurette DVD-extra (2014 Video)

38 min | Short, Thriller

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Director: Tony Glazer | Stars: Neal Bledsoe, Adrian Peng Correia, Bryan Deehring, Harris Doran

25. Visiting Day

Action | Announced

Trey Gardner, a man of questionable morals serving life in prison, must save his estranged daughter by drawing her into a massive prison riot in order to fight the men bent on preventing her testimony in a government corruption trial.

Director: Tony Glazer

26. Big Dogs
Episode: As Seen on TV

Action, Crime, Drama | Completed

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Director: David Platt | Stars: Jeff Kober, Brett Cullen, Laurence Mason, Christian Campbell

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