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1. Perseverance (2010)

12 min | Short, Drama

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A young woman goes clubbing with some friends, only to get raped as the night closes. Unprepared for the massive effect this has on her, she secludes herself away from friends and family, ... See full summary »

Director: Mark Owen | Stars: Kelly Wenham, James Stockman

Votes: 17

2. Robots (2018)

Short, Sci-Fi

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A band of human robots are subjugated by government forces to move out of their home area or face extermination. One family, disbelieving of this apparent new truth, makes a stand to face the enemy and their ultimatum, but at what cost?

Director: Mark Owen | Stars: Laia Martinez Rubir, Melanie Radloff, Karim Diouri, Neil James

Votes: 8

3. Level Playing Field (2009)

PG-13 | 32 min | Short, Action, Fantasy

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One man. One woman. Both mystified beyond belief over their apparent inability to escape the woods they both find themselves in. An invisible force field prevents them escaping and they ... See full summary »

Director: Mark Owen | Stars: Ricky Nixon, Katia Winter, Algina Lipskis

Votes: 22

4. Rueful Warrior (2019)

15 min | Short, Action, Sci-Fi

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Alien soldier Yalalia finds herself caught up in a conflict of moral and physical standings with a group of soldiers from Earth. Her integrity is tested to the limit as she desperately attempts to maintain peace at all costs.

Director: Mark Owen | Stars: Michelle Fahrenheim, Oliver Park, Claire Cartwright, Christina Forrest

5. Forrestal

Crime, Drama | Pre-production

A young woman, known as 'Forrestal', has aspirations of becoming a detective. Pitting her wits alongside the authorities in negotiating unsolvable crimes and dangerous adventures, a new breed of detective is born.

6. Lethalis

Short, Drama | Pre-production

After a training initiation period in London backfires for female Puerto Rican cop, Morgana Lethalis, she ultimately succumbs to a more deadly way of life and is eventually utilised by her new superior, Sergeant Wise.

Director: Mark Owen | Star: Christina Forrest

7. Stay With Me

Short, Drama, Thriller | Pre-production

A woman wakes up helpless in a dark room, terrified to learn she is receiving intense pain from someone unknown to her. Where is she? Who is torturing her and why? Seemingly unable to escape her situation, something unexpected happens.

Director: Mark Owen | Stars: Faith Knight, Duncan Brown, Andy Miller, Guy Eade

8. Mood Swing (2007)

11 min | Short, Drama

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A paranoid encounter with an innocent member of the public ensures that Ewan's chain of thought is hardly with Gemma as he arrives in the park to meet her. Not long after their squabbles commence, an assailant approaches.

Director: Mark Owen | Stars: Charlie Dupré, Lizzy Pattinson, James Sanderson, Nicholas Audsley

9. Balance (II)

Short, Horror | Pre-production

Three people awaken to find themselves balancing high up on a wooden plank, equidistant apart, a noose around their necks, their hands tied behind their backs and their mouths taped. What's more, a knife dangles from a rope between them.

Director: Mark Owen | Star: Georgia Annable

10. When the Sun Ceased (2007)

15 min | Short, Drama

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What if one morning the Sun never rose? Seen through Mel's eyes, the morning's events unfold in frightening fashion, as an unprecedented situation gets worse and worse. It isn't long before... See full summary »

Director: Mark Owen | Star: Kirsty Malyon

11. Fade (I) (2016)

8 min | Short, Drama, Romance

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After a long and heated argument, Della's boyfriend attempts to kill her. In the middle of the attack, he seemingly changes his mind and backs off. As Della catches her breath and turns to confront him, she discovers something truly shocking .

Director: Mark Owen | Stars: Michelle Fahrenheim, Oliver Park

12. Thank You (I) (2015)

7 min | Short, Drama

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Troubled schoolboy Aaron ambles through a park after being subjected to bullying from his fellow classmates. A quick respite on the park bench marks the beginning of an unlikely pick-me-up with an old woman who takes a seat next to him.

Director: Mark Owen | Stars: Jan Carey, Rhys Edwards

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