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1. Thursday the 12th

Comedy, Horror | Completed

Two failed film school graduates closing in on their 30's, the fearful Seth Franco and the unreliable James Rogen, are stuck working the same jobs they had in high school. Life for these ... See full summary »

Director: Brad Leo Lyon | Stars: Jena Sims, Todd Bridges, Marilyn Ghigliotti, Jessica Dawn Willis

2. Virus of the Dead (2018)

120 min | Action, Horror, Thriller

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Zombie horror anthology. What happens when an uncontrollable virus turns the living into the living dead?

Directors: Matthew J. Adams, Gordon Bressack, James Cullen Bressack, Dan Brownlie, Jarrett Furst, Keiron Hollett, Matt Iwinski, Benjamin James, Hunter Johnson, Christopher Jolley, Jason Lorah, John T. Mickevich, Mark Alan Miller, Kiko Morah, Tony Newton, John Penney, Shawn C. Phillips, Nick Principe, Timo Rose, Shane Ryan, Emir Skalonja, Steven S. Vrooman | Stars: Kathryn Eastwood, Mhairi Calvey, Jessica Ann Brownlie, James Cullen Bressack

Votes: 198

3. Little Creeps (2012 Video)

Comedy, Horror

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Long considered a mockery with his fellow professors Cordell (Robert Z'Dar) & Donnely (Dustin Diamond), professor Vern Drake (Joe Estevez) becomes obsessed with finding the Demonicron, a ... See full summary »

Director: Brad Leo Lyon | Stars: Joe Estevez, Dustin Diamond, Robert Z'Dar, Lark Voorhies

Votes: 185

4. American Road Trip

Reality-TV | Filming

Inspired by a two month long road trip he had taken with his father just months before his death, filmmaker Brad Leo Lyon takes us on a unique, behind the scenes tour of some of America's best restaurants, bars, nightlife, and attractions.

Star: Brad Leo Lyon

5. Minor League: A Football Story (2010)

Comedy, Drama, Sport

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A struggling Minor League team faces a new challenge after an 0-10 season, the rich pockets of Richard Wellington. Wellington seeks to purchase the team from an owner struggling to keep ... See full summary »

Director: Clenet Verdi-Rose | Stars: Robert Miano, Brad Leo Lyon, Bone Crusher, Dustin Diamond

Votes: 55

6. Brock's Diner vs. The Undead

Comedy | Pre-production

Inspired by the death of his mother, Brock sets out to open the restaurant she always believed he could run. When things don't go as planned, his friends try to help him keep his restaurant... See full summary »

Director: Brad Leo Lyon | Stars: Michael Winslow, Brad Leo Lyon

7. Killer Keg

Comedy, Horror, Thriller | Filming

Three friends decide to throw a kegger to cheer one of them up after his long time girlfriend dumps him. A mysterious keg they come across causes them to relive the same day over and over again, each time with another friend disappearing.

Director: Brad Leo Lyon | Stars: Jeremy London, Brinke Stevens, Charles Solomon Jr., Russell Jeffrey

8. Let's Party

Documentary | Pre-production

While on a national road show promoting his new movie during a pandemic, director Brad Leo Lyon finds himself caught in the middle of a nation wide political war during a presidential ... See full summary »

Director: Brad Leo Lyon | Star: Greg Cipes

9. Roommates on Elm Street (II)

Comedy | Completed

Kyle keeps loosing roommates, either due to some mysterious dark forces or simply because his paranoia that horror film monsters really exist cause them to bail. Either way, without ... See full summary »

Stars: Brad Leo Lyon, Mackenzie Trevor, Todd Bridges, Oto Gomes

10. College Fright Night (2014)

Comedy, Horror

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What's college without beer, babes, and vampires?!? Campus life (or lack thereof) is about to take on a whole new meaning when the University, and potentially the rest of the world, finds ... See full summary »

Director: Brad Leo Lyon | Stars: Dustin Diamond, Lee Arenberg, Jake Roberts, Todd Bridges

Votes: 10

11. Monsters on Main Street (2014)

Comedy, Horror

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In a small town suffering from the news of its first ever serial slasher, local high school athletic director Lance Dawson decides to get his down on his luck buddy, Paul Blake, a job ... See full summary »

Director: Brad Leo Lyon | Stars: Robert Z'Dar, Todd Bridges, Martin Klebba, Judy Tenuta

Votes: 20

12. The Making of Killer Keg

Documentary, Short | Filming

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Director: Brad Leo Lyon | Star: Brad Leo Lyon

13. Don't Wait Til Dawn

Thriller | Completed

People passing through a small town are being held over night by the Sheriff for questioning after a murder is committed but the question of who may be the killer may not be their only problem.

Director: Brad Leo Lyon | Stars: Vernon Wells, Roni Jonah, Brad Leo Lyon, Jason Crowe

15. Bar Chronicles

Comedy, Crime, Drama | Completed

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Director: Brad Leo Lyon | Stars: Todd Bridges, Brad Leo Lyon, Zane Casablanca, Kevin Barbaro

16. Le Fear III: Le Cannes

Comedy | Announced

Attempt number 23 for Carlos Revalos,the disaster of his filmmaking exploits continue but this time in 3D.

Director: Jason Croot | Stars: Jason Croot, Flore Bonaventura, Aiko Horiuchi, Leila Reid

17. Also in Theaters

Reality-TV | Pre-production

"Also in Theaters" takes an inside look at the other side of Hollywood as director Brad Leo Lyon travels around the USA on a 10 city theatrical tour with his recently completed film titled ... See full summary »

Star: Brad Leo Lyon

18. Don't Drink the Water

Documentary | Completed

Don't Drink the Water is the true, unbiased story of what happened in Flint, Michigan which has left roughly 100,000 United States citizens with toxic water for drinking, cooking, and ... See full summary »

Director: Brad Leo Lyon | Star: Brad Leo Lyon

19. Semi-Super Heroes

Action, Comedy, Drama | Announced

A group of misfit friends get their hands on a poorly tested energy drink which gives them powers. But when the drink is pulled from the shelves only these unlikely heroes can stop the company's CEO from taking it out on the city.

Director: Brad Leo Lyon

20. A List for the Quarantine

Short, Horror | Pre-production

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Director: Brad Leo Lyon

21. Not Quite Safe (2015)

Short, Horror, Thriller

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Director: Brad Leo Lyon | Stars: Brad Leo Lyon, Aleasha Coleman, J. Michael Morgan, Nicolai Perez

22. Mob Dot Com

Action, Comedy, Crime | Announced

Two unlucky friends open a new hit nightclub that's drawing away business from the other businesses in town, including those owned by the mob.

Director: Brad Leo Lyon

23. Beach Vacancy (2011)

Short, Comedy, Thriller

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Director: Brad Leo Lyon | Stars: Jonathan Alderman, Preston Anthony, Alycia Billiel, Charles Branden Clark

Votes: 11

24. Roommates on Elm Street
Episode: What We'll Do for Rent (II)

Comedy | Post-production

When another one of Kevin's roommates mysteriously disappears, he must find new roommates to help cover rent or wind up on the street.

Director: Brad Leo Lyon | Stars: Todd Bridges, Rachel Alig, Brad Leo Lyon, Melissa Cordero

25. Roommates on Elm Street
Episode: Bathroom Diaries (II)

Comedy | Post-production

Rue makes a startling discovery that could cost Victor and Kyle a roommate. Meanwhile, a long lost friend returns that puts everyone in jeopardy with the landlord.

Director: Brad Leo Lyon | Stars: Todd Bridges, Rachel Alig, Brad Leo Lyon, Tiffany Pulvino

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