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1. In the Light (I) (2017)


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In The Light tells the story of a caregiver who becomes close friends with a challenging patient that has grown frustrated with life due to her delicate and demanding medical condition.

Stars: Mario Cimarro, Silvana Arias, Socorro Bonilla, Jacqueline Salgado

2. Final Exposure (2018)

Short, Drama | Completed

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Director: Carlos Valle | Stars: Iman Karram, Stephen D. Conte, Gabriel Ferrer, Yahaira Morales

3. Into the Wolf's Den

Action, Thriller | Announced

After a woman mysteriously vanishes without leaving a trace, a man by the name of James Booker appears in search of her. What he discovers is a thread that is linked to a powerful crime organization that deals in human trafficking.

Directors: Andres Valle, Carlos Valle

4. The Zwickys (2014)

Not Rated | 101 min | Thriller

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A strong-willed woman by the name of Kayden Zwicky sets out on a journey to find the killer of her husband and avenge his death.

Directors: Andres Valle, Carlos Valle | Stars: Daniel Zacapa, Mario Cimarro, Melany Bennett, Laisha Wilkins

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5. Legion

Horror | Announced

A girl arrives back home after sometime to rediscover herself and kick-start life but her journey takes her deep into the occult and the supernatural.

Directors: Andres Valle, Carlos Valle

6. Road to El Rey

Action, Adventure | Announced

A pair of infamous outlaws becomes the target of a rogue vigilante, a legendary mercenary and a fearsome crime lord.

Directors: Andres Valle, Carlos Valle

7. Master Diver

Adventure | Pre-production

Thirty-two divers will face and overcome tough challenges that will test their skills in an attempt to reach the final round where an enticing cash prize awaits the victor.

Star: Charley Williams

8. Knights of Trinity

Action, Fantasy | Announced

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Star: Mario Cimarro

9. Tierra Adentro (2015)


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Documentary following the Tolupan people, an indigenous ethnic group of Honduras, primarily inhabiting the northwest coast and the community La Montaña de la Flor in central Honduras.

Director: Luis Zavala

10. Where the Hell Is Anne Shepard?

Action, Adventure | Announced

They say it's possible to run, but not to hide. But how much of that is true? When it comes to Anne Shepard, that's what everyone wants to know. This includes her parents, a corrupt Law ... See full summary »

Directors: Andres Valle, Carlos Valle

11. Night Falls

Horror | Announced

A girl journeys far from her world to meet the Coven's, the family she married into. What she discovers is a dark secret that has been haunting her new family for years.

Director: Carlos Valle

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