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1. Defying Gravity (2008)

90 min | Comedy, Drama

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Cassandra, a mute runaway girl, takes refuge in the cemetery in which her mother is laid to rest. She is watched over by Jorge, the cemetery caretaker, an illegal alien who is committed to ... See full summary »

Director: Michael Keller | Stars: Joey Bachrach, Willam Belli, Stephen Berman, Bea Bernstein

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2. Space Captain and Callista

Drama | Completed

A young man with Asperger's Syndrome, under the shadow of his overprotective mother, wants to live independently. A tough-as-nails teen girl has a troubled, chaotic home life. Their ... See full summary »

Director: A.R. Kagan | Stars: Gil Gerard, Julie Anne Prescott, Ronnie Nanos, Ben Stobber

3. Dead Redux (2016)

Sci-Fi, Thriller

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A former Air Force officer wakes up in a post-apocalyptic world and finds that he is rapidly decaying - and that someone wants him more dead than he already is.

Director: Walter Marin | Stars: Julie Garcia-Briceno, Tony Franchitto, Jed Curtis, Keith L. Hall

4. Love, Pancakes and the Human Condition (2016)

Short, Comedy

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The relationship of a married couple is traced from first blush of romance to the quiet grace of old age, related through the filter of a Sunday breakfast ritual.

Director: Lisa Jan Savy | Stars: Megan Fabyan Campbell, Ben Stobber, Roger Garvin, Gail Romero

5. The Amulet of Destiny

Action, Adventure, Mystery | Announced

A washed-up professional cat burglar is hired to recover a valuable Egyptian relic from the private collection of an American politician.

Director: Mahmoud Kamel

6. World of Wargames (2010)

15 min | Short, Action, Drama

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We follow two elite units of warriors from two opposing countries - and their unique high tech means of settling an international conflict. The fate of the free world will be determined by a single battle of wits and skill.

Director: Tarek Albaba | Stars: Iyad Hajjaj, Denis O'Mahoney, Natasha Atalla, Tyrone Walker

7. Crash N Burn

Comedy | Pre-production

A mild-mannered high school band teacher fills in for a flamboyant 80's hair band frontman in a 'Monsters of Rock' world tour.

8. The Principal's Bad Day (2016)

15 min | Short, Comedy

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Director: Ron Becks | Stars: Ron Becks, Lolly Boroff, Tina Le, Julie Garcia-Briceno

9. The Mossyrock Redemption

Thriller | Announced

On the run from the Russian mob, a professional jewel thief is confronted by his paroled brother and brother's ex-fiancee who want their cut of $2 million in diamonds.

Star: Tony Franchitto

10. Red Angel Dragnet (2014)

Short, Drama

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The zombie apocalypse is over; the humans have won. A zombie hunter, zombie sympathizer, and zombie missionary cross paths and clash over the dispensation of four seemingly harmless zombie remnants.

Director: Adam Davis | Stars: Ryan Tucker, Roland Matthews, Jessica Chisum, Megan Fabyan Campbell

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