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1. Sister Mary (2011)

100 min | Comedy, Musical

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Homophobic detective Mark Rima (James Vallo) must "partner" up with the very gay and flamboyant Detective Chris Riant (Shawn Quinlan) to stop a serial killing Nun (Judy Tenuta) from offing ... See full summary »

Director: Scott Grenke | Stars: Ant, James Vallo, Bruce Vilanch, Judy Tenuta

Votes: 89

2. Off the Walls (2020– )

Comedy, Drama | Completed

Taylor, is a reckless high school bully whose past memories are surfacing again. She is forced into a counseling program. But with the arrival of a therapist from her past it takes on a ... See full summary »

Stars: Anne Stedman, Paul Karmiryan, Laura Campbell, Kaleina Cordova

3. The Disturbance (1990)

93 min | Crime, Drama, Horror

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A psycho is on the prowl, and his victims are all beautiful women. The police must catch him before he kills again.

Director: Cliff Guest | Stars: Timothy Greeson, Lisa Geoffrion, Ken Ceresne, Jerry Disson

Votes: 99

4. The Wrong Number

Thriller | Announced

A board young woman makes a prank phone call to the same number one too many times. That prank call starts a series of twists and turns that leads to a unfortunate outcome for someone.

Director: Cliff Guest | Stars: Serge Savinovic, Jennifer Gall

5. Da Boyz

Comedy | Announced

Da Boyz is a comedy, about three friends who have grown up together in a small town where there is still racial tension. After a morning mishap the boys are stuck in Rogers fathers auto repair shop over a 24 hour period.

Director: Cliff Guest | Stars: Serge Savinovic, Maja Lakomy

6. Moral Iniquity

Action | Pre-production

Kara Pierson a high school student is pushed into transferring to another high school and going undercover to find out what happened to her cousin who has committed suicide.

Stars: Kaleina Cordova, James Quattrochi, Serge Savinovic, Maja Lakomy

7. This Is Life 2012

Adventure | Announced

The life adventures of Chris a regular kid making the best of his imperfect world.

Director: Cliff Guest | Star: Jennifer Gall

8. Schlep2p (2014 Video)

Documentary, Short

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Director: Cliff Guest | Star: Kaleina Cordova

9. Two Thirties and a Fifteen (2013)

Short, Comedy

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Director: Cliff Guest | Stars: Peter Cordova, Deborah Cote, Cliff Guest, Stella Oliveros

10. What's with the Doll

Horror | Announced

Three girls decide to take a road trip to a small artistic town. Soon after arriving strange things start happening around them. After hearing an old story the girls have to find away to stay alive.

Director: Cliff Guest | Star: Maja Lakomy

11. Supah Natural (2013 Video)

120 min | Musical

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Director: Cliff Guest

12. Angel's Crying

Drama | Announced

Living in a small god-fearing town Angel Meadows a teenage girl with rebellious religious beliefs survives a horrific accident notices that she is healing unusually fast. During a town ... See full summary »

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