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1. Johnny's Inferno (2022)

Documentary | Filming

A gentle soul walks his own Inferno since his childhood's to his adulthood's physical and psychological abuse by his mother and latest wife. In between his traumatic experiences with these ... See full summary »

Director: Boris Acosta | Stars: Johnny Depp, Al Pacino, Robert Downey Jr., Chloë Grace Moretz

2. Miracle Underground (2022)

90 min | Drama | Pre-production

Miracle Underground is a fictionalized account of the 33 Chilean miners' ordeal, told from a spiritual point of view, as each one of them individually came face-to-face with the real ... See full summary »

Director: Armand Mastroianni | Stars: Eric Roberts, Nia Peeples, Al Sapienza, Jsu Garcia

3. Dante's Purgatory

120 min | Drama, Fantasy, History | Post-production

Dante and Virgil exit Hell into Purgatory, a place set up on a mountain of seven terraces, one for each type of sinners.

Director: Boris Acosta | Stars: Nia Peeples, Jeff Conaway, Eve Mauro, Angela Kerecz

4. Dante's Hell Animated (2013)

R | 39 min | Animation, Short, Fantasy

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Dante is guided by his hero Virgil through each circle of Hell and its subdivisions until they reach the center of the Earth and emerged to the other hemisphere into Purgatory.

Director: Boris Acosta | Stars: Armand Mastroianni, Eric Roberts, Vincent Spano, Nia Peeples

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5. Dante's Inferno: Abandon All Hope (2010)

Not Rated | 42 min | Documentary, Short

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This film is a narrative journey from Dante's own hand, through the worst of the afterlife, Inferno. It is a chronological descent to the deepest of Hell, circle by circle to the exit into ... See full summary »

Director: Boris Acosta | Stars: Jeff Conaway, Vittorio Matteucci, Jenn Gotzon, Lalo Cibelli

Votes: 26

6. Dante's Inferno 3D (2024)

120 min | Horror | Announced

Dante goes on a journey to the worst of the afterlife, Inferno. He's guided by this hero Virgil, the great poet, circle by circle, and all its subdivisions.

Director: Armand Mastroianni

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