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1. Alto (2015)

101 min | Comedy, Family, Romance

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Two girls. One gun. The Mob. Because coming out to family is hard. But coming out to "family" is funny.

Director: Mikki del Monico | Stars: Annabella Sciorra, Natalie Knepp, Billy Wirth, Melanie Minichino

Votes: 568

2. The Undesirables (2021– )


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Stars: John Paul Jones, Samantha Bowen, Toni D'Antonio, Ivan Goris

3. MobSense (2022)

Comedy | Pre-production

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Director: Ronnie Marmo | Stars: Lou Martini Jr., Tony Devon, Ronnie Marmo, Christopher Mormando

4. Goodfellows

Comedy | Announced

When wise guys Sal Celino and Tommy Grace reach the end of the road, a new world awaits. What deeds will they need to do to get "made" for the new boss. Everything is not as it seems for these two good fellows.

Stars: Lou Martini Jr., Toni D'Antonio

5. Mooch (TV Movie)

Comedy | Filming

An embarrassing viral video derails the career of a famous actress, forcing her to go into hiding with the only person she can trust, her estranged sister, a former ex-mob wife hiding in the witness protection program.

Director: Richard Kline | Stars: Ward Horton, Ray Abruzzo, Melanie Nicholls-King, Andre B. Blake

6. Honor (I)

Action, Crime, Drama | Pre-production

NYC 1988. A city in turmoil filled with crime and grime eating at the city's core. The Nascondare family were a family of secrets. They were a family in crisis. Thru it all they became a family of Honor.

Stars: Lou Martini Jr., Toni D'Antonio

7. Addo: The King of the Beasts (2002)

77 min | Documentary

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Addo, a young lion, is living a peaceful life. When the drought arrives, he finds out life is tougher than he thought.

Director: Hugo Van Lawick | Stars: Arnold Gelderman, Morgan Meitamei

Votes: 102

8. Staff

Comedy | Announced

A jilted actress. An Italian ruffian. A lost soul. The bar owners and customers. All dream chasers exploring the underbelly and subcultures of the NYC bar scene. One cocktail at a time. Meet the Staff.

Stars: Ward Horton, Geoffrey Cantor, Sorika Wolf, Kathy Searle

9. Sober (2017 TV Movie)

Comedy, Drama | Completed

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A beloved female Boston cop retires and must now figure out what to do with the rest of Her life.

Director: Big Ted Robinson | Stars: Elizabeth Watson, Lou Martini Jr., David Valcin, Alicia Harding

10. Justice Delayed

22 min | Reality-TV | Filming

Unsolved cases shelved, forgotten, seemingly impossible to solve - Intriguing closed cases newly assessed and analyzed. Meet the expert dream team searching for the truth - and for justice.

Stars: Robert Sciglimpaglia, Bobby Pavia, Vito Colucci

11. A Brooklyn Christmas

Comedy | Pre-production

This buddy comedy combines "It's a Wonderful Life" and "Heaven Can Wait" with a little "Midnight Run" mixed in. A Christmas story about an unlikely friendship and what it takes to awaken the will to live.

12. Untitled Joe Pepitone Project

Biography | Announced

Joe Pepitone, a kid from Brooklyn who became a New York Yankee star only to throw it all away on drugs, women and wiseguys.

13. Maybe It's Me (2002)

109 min | Comedy

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Thirty-something year old nebbish creates alter ego to do his romantic dirty work.

Directors: David Case, Peter Stass | Stars: Peter Stass, Jeannie Gaffigan, Michelle Visage, David Case

Votes: 10

14. Whacked! Where Are They Now?

Reality-TV | Pre-production

Lou Martini, Jr. (Sopranos, Falcone, The Deuce), he himself being whacked off numerous Film and TV shows (amongst them the CBS hit show Falcone) will host. Lou will embark on catching up ... See full summary »

Star: Lou Martini Jr.

15. Third Date

Comedy, Romance | Pre-production

A twist on a classic romantic comedy. My Best Friend's Wedding meets Friends With Benefits. Third Date will have you wondering, how many dates does it take to find the right one because sometimes, the third time in NOT a charm.

Director: Richard Grieco

16. No Alternative (II)

Thriller | Announced

When a mother's life spins mercilessly out of control, she is left without options. No regret. No Looking Back. NO ALTERNATIVE. Nothing Was Further From The Truth.

17. One Game

Sport | Announced

Two young boys begin a journey taking them to the pinnacle of Major League Baseball. Paths once filled with merit, strengthened by the purity of boyhood dreams, now corrupted. Rediscovering the hero that lives in all of us. With One Game.

18. Family Lot (2016 TV Short)

5 min | Short, Reality-TV

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Meet Tony The Price Crusher and his volatile Family Lot. Rescuing car dealerships one auto event at a time. With this group, the ride is never as smooth as the drive.

Director: Robert Nastasi | Stars: John D'Antonio, Toni D'Antonio, Zackary D'Antonio, Anthony Langello

19. Fallen Princess (TV Movie)

Drama | Announced

From Beauty Queen to Coke Queen, NY Post. The life lessons of a beauty queen's downward spiral and struggle for redemption will move and inspire you. Risen from ambition. Lingering on the brink. Fallen from grace. Fallen Princess.

Director: Toni D'Antonio | Stars: Lou Martini Jr., Toni D'Antonio, Ellora DeCarlo

20. The B&B Diaries (2016 TV Special)


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A new and exciting kind of reality travel show, The B & B Diaries promises to be full of Adventure, inspiration, Heart warming stories and stunning locations. B & Bs from all over the ... See full summary »

Director: Toni D'Antonio | Star: Ann Law

21. Justin Case (II)

Crime | Announced

Wondering if a lawyer is right for you...call...Justin Case.

22. King Killer

Thriller | Announced

Many have pursued being crowned the "King". Elvis Barone has a killer time trying.

23. Delhi, Deli

Comedy | Announced

New York meets India. You can take the deli out of Brooklyn, but can you put the Deli in Delhi?

24. Stuebenville

Drama | Announced

Three boys. Sixty years. To know the heart of Steubenville, have faith you can live through it.

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