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1. The Red Cloth (2023)

Adventure | Pre-production

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Star: Graham Greene

2. A Champion for All

Action, Adventure | Pre-production

When our young hero's mother dies of cancer, he enters a martial arts tournament in Japan, hoping to win and thereby gain the acceptance of his biological father who had abandoned him and ... See full summary »

Star: Bo Svenson

3. Made for Each Other (2015)

7 min | Short, Drama, Fantasy

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The Japanese iron from which the Samurai sword, the katana, was made, is today used to make Japanese automobiles. In "Made for Each Other", a Japanese automobile in California seeks a suitable owner, a modern-day Samurai - and finds one!

Director: Bo Svenson | Stars: Josephine Valentina Clark, Jeannie Epper, Dennis Hopper, Thomas Kearney

Votes: 34

4. Legacy (2004)


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Director: Bo Svenson | Stars: Dennis Hopper, Thomas Kearney, Michelle Parylak, Donald J. Marino

Votes: 43

5. Proof of the Man (2004– )

600 min | Crime

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Munesue, a Japanese detective assigned to solve the murder of a causasian in Japan, discovers that Ken Schuftan, his American detective counterpart, killed Munuesue's father.

Stars: Yutaka Takenouchi, Keiko Matsuzaka, Ken Ogata, Hiroyuki Ikeuchi

Votes: 51

6. Misguided (II)

Drama | Announced

A mothballed covert operation is green-lit by mistake and brings the world to the brink of nuclear war.

7. Lear

Drama | Pre-production

A failed Broadway stage director finds redemption through his estranged Alzheimer-ridden father, a once great stage actor.

8. A Dream of America

Drama | Pre-production

A pacifist with a Dream of America discovers his own country's meaning after being forced to go to war and to fight for it.

9. Six Days in America

Drama | Pre-production

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11. Fate, Two Kids and an E.T.

Sci-Fi | Pre-production

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