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1. Vetro (2022)

90 min | Thriller

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A hikikomori girl, spends all of her time spying on her neighbour. She suspects that something terrible is happening in their flat, but the desire to investigate clashes with her inability to go out of the room.

Director: Domenico Croce | Stars: Carolina Sala, Tommaso Ragno, Marouane Zotti, Giustiniano Alpi

Votes: 124

2. My Soul Summer (2022)

Drama, Music

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A shy 17-year-old girl playing classical piano discovers soul music through a strange friendship with an old rocker in a summer that will change her life.

Director: Fabio Mollo | Stars: Tommaso Ragno, Matteo Oscar Giuggioli, Anna Ferzetti, Lunetta Savino

Votes: 11

3. Antonia

Comedy, Drama | Announced

Antonia, 26 for the last 7 years, so that's 33, lots of pairs of sunglasses, numerous other names, one tattoo, a talent, zero desire to grow up

4. Essere Hikikomori_la mia vita in una stanza (2022)

Documentary, Animation

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The real lives of four hikikomori guys are linked by an animated movie to the outside world.

Directors: Michele Bertini Malgarini, Ugo Piva | Stars: Alessio De Bonis, Elena Carolei, Eva Maria Angelini, Davide Conte

5. Mezzanotte

Thriller | Announced

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Director: Domenico Croce

6. Hype

Music | Announced

In a suburban neighborhood of Milan, a group of teenagers tries to change their lives by creating M87, a rap crew that will unsettle the Italian music industry. But success comes with a price.

7. Three O'Clock in the Morning

Drama | Announced

A teenage boy and his father, tied by a complex relationship, find themselves having to spend three days and two nights without sleeping in Marseille. Based on the bestseller Three O'Clock in the Morning by Gianrico Carofiglio.

8. Aemilia - Guardare la mafia negli occhi

Documentary, Crime, Drama | Filming

The search for the hidden truth behind some shady business leads Elia and some of his high school mates to unmask the 'Ndrangheta and give to birth to the biggest maxi process in northern ... See full summary »

Star: Fabio Melchionna

9. L'uomo materasso (2021)


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Director: Fulvio Risuleo | Stars: Irene Casagrande, Marco Colli, Edoardo Pesce, Tonino Risuleo

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