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1. Add fel!

Short, Horror | Post-production

In a silent dark night, Andrew after learning plenty of hours decides to go do bed. But in the middle of the night he wakes up because of a strange noise and then an unexpected journey begins that will change his whole life.

Director: Vilmos Heim | Stars: Kincso Nora Petho, Andrew Lukacs, Erika Szõcs, Lucia Urbancova

2. One Last Hunt

40 min | Short, Drama

In the medieval times, a man is set out for revenge after the murder of his wife.

Director: Roland Földi | Stars: János Németh, János Rolinek, József Farkas, Alexandra Németh

3. Concluding

Drama | Announced

A programmer faces his fears in order to get out of his comfort zone.

Star: Alexandr Borecky

4. Lifelike

Sci-Fi, Thriller | Announced

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Director: Gábor Herendi

5. Tesztbeszéd

48 min | Talk-Show | Pre-production

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Star: István Dombóvári

6. Árnyjáték

Sci-Fi | Pre-production

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Director: Robert Korban | Stars: Gergely Orbán, Abonyi Beata, Dóra Pálfi

7. Sister (IV)

26 min | Short, Drama, Sci-Fi | Post-production

When finding a crashed spaceship a domineering mechanic girl enters her desperate journey to fix it up in plans of escaping Earth, but her dreamer friend finds its power source first, and secretly starts growing plants with it.

Director: Máté Makláry | Stars: Lori Baldwin, Fruzsina Roszik, Dávid Szeverényi

8. The Woodman

72 min | Thriller | Post-production

"The Woodman" is an experimental feature film, with a thriller theme, with a life size wooden dummy as the protagonist. It is a fairy tale about the outsiders in the world represented by ... See full summary »

Director: Koutaiba Al-Janabi | Stars: Misi Palko, Hanna Heffner

9. Complete Strangers

Not Rated | 105 min | Drama, Thriller | Completed

A recovering alcoholic returns to his hometown after a hiatus, and falls in love with a man who will turn his world upside down.

Director: Pau Masó | Stars: Pau Masó, Matthew Crawley, Sian Abrahams, Fraser Fraser

10. Hab

89 min | Romance | Completed

The love of 34-year-old Dora's life, has broken up with her-or worse: he has remarried. Her only joy, the pastry shop she owns, also appears to be lost. She makes up her mind to get both ... See full summary »

Director: Nóra Lakos | Stars: Vica Kerekes, Miklós Bányai, Ferenc Elek, László Mátray

11. Spirál

100 min | Drama | Post-production

This story is about letting go. Sometimes we can't let go, and this might result in consequences that end in tragedy. There's only one thing we can do: face ourselves.

Director: Cecília Felméri | Stars: Alexandra Borbély, Csaba Krisztik, Bogdan Dumitrache, Diána Magdolna Kiss

12. Calegüinas

Adventure | Announced

A woman investigating reports of strange creatures haunting a shallow lake in Hungary is terrorized by the spellbound locals who protect them.

Director: Rogelio Fojo

13. Mind-Share

Sci-Fi | Pre-production

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Director: Miron Ashkenazy

14. Black Blood

150 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller | Pre-production

The Black Blood movie covers about 20 years of history and is about the oiling in the 1990s and the mafia showdown. About the era in which so many people died innocently. From the era where... See full summary »

Directors: Nagy Palika, László Balogh

15. Don't Read This on a Plane

90 min | Drama | Post-production

"Don't Read This on a Plane" is a drama-comedy about a novelist hitchhiking across Europe to complete her book tour after her publisher goes bankrupt.

Director: Stuart McBratney | Stars: Sophie Desmarais, Victor von Schirach, Dorotheea Petre, Hildegard Schroedter

17. Drop in the Ocean (I)

Drama | Announced

Hungarian law enforcement agencies earned a notorious reputation owing to their smooth and sometimes willing collaboration in the mass deportation of their Jewish compatriots in the summer ... See full summary »

Director: Derek Magyar

19. Do you

110 min | Comedy | Pre-production

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20. Elzának Szeretettel

Drama | Pre-production

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21. P-4

Horror | Pre-production

When the prime minister's daughter gone missing in Dark City, the Hungarians send their special forces for a search and rescue mission. In the meantime, a lone farmer discovers a massive ... See full summary »

Stars: Véber Zoltán, Nero Magnum, Bencsik Zoltán, Kovács Kornél

22. Alliance

Action | Pre-production

Alex Faraday comes out of hiding when she is recruited into a secret division of the CIA and asked to risk her life to save exposed agents around the globe. She must race against the clock ... See full summary »

Stars: Marie Mouté, Lee-Anne Summers, Tati Golykh

23. Hockey Dreams

Documentary | Post-production

Host country Korea will face the world's best hockey nation Canada in the 2018 Winter Olympics. Ethnically Korean, but mentally North American hockey coach has four years to prevent national embarrassment.

Directors: Janne Niskala, Oskari Pastila | Stars: Jim Paek, Seung-Jun Yang, Mong-Won Chung, Juhani Tamminen

24. Brexit Boys

Drama | Pre-production

Three foreigners living the dream in London, however their life is about to change due to the EU referendum. The second part of the "Brexit" trilogy goes deeper into the criminal underworld and its players everyday life.

Director: Tokodi Sandor | Stars: Slavkovska Miroslava, Magyar Krisztian, Viktor Penzes, Echikwa Gift

25. L'Inverno

Drama, History, Romance | Pre-production

A story of human fates during the period before WWI til after WW II. The movie shows the effects of political meanders upon two families, the story of two pairs of siblings whose childhood ... See full summary »

Director: Roland Joffé

26. Élö/Halott

Short, Drama, Horror | Announced

A not-so-neat college student tries to find something to live for in the post-apocalyptic countryside.

Director: Szilárd Molnár | Star: Dávid Kiss

27. Drake Walker

Crime, Drama, Thriller | Announced

After swapping bodies with a dapper rich man, Luke, a paraplegic and struggling artist races to find answers not involving his curse, but the mystery of who murdered his former body.

28. The Shift: Escape from the Future

Action, Adventure, Drama | Announced

After a global climate change life on earth was reorganized. State borders became meaningless. In the livable areas of the world the survivors fled into enormous city-cubes. In these ... See full summary »

Directors: György Várkonyi, Tom Aspy | Stars: Viktoria Kerekes, Janka Solecki, Ákos Köszegi, Milán Schruff

30. From the Light to the Light

Not Rated | 6 min | Short, Comedy | Announced

ITHMAH & SIMON are on different continents but never felt so close. Why? Because this is the only way they can tolerate each other, with 10.000 miles between them as a minimum.

Director: Dávid Kornai

31. Postponed by 70 Years

Documentary | Announced

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Director: Kata Oláh

32. Hollywood Bound

Documentary | Completed

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33. StrayLords

44 min | Action, History | Announced

The StrayLords loose their home in the early battles of the 30 Years' War and meander through war-torn Europe searching for a new home and the freedom of faith.

34. Time Travelled

Crime, Drama, Mystery | Announced

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35. Seven Pennies

Short | Pre-production

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Director: Sandor Tako

36. Erdös-Bacon

Documentary | Post-production

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Directors: Robert Hovden, Tyler H. Walk

37. Police Code 10-32 (Video)

Short, Action | Completed

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Director: Talán Csaba | Stars: Iván Kamarás, Gabriella Gubás, Zoltán Schmied

38. PoliceCod1060 (Video)

Short, Action | Completed

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Director: Talán Csaba

39. No Hero Here

Action, Western | Announced

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Director: Patrick Kovács | Stars: Péter Kálloy Molnár, Lukács Bicskey, Tibor Pintér

40. Exchanged

Thriller | Pre-production

An American exchange student living in Europe discover that members of his host family are terrorists.

Director: Geoffrey Haley | Star: Tony Revolori

41. Toronto Zoom

Drama | Announced

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42. Eastern Illuminations

100 min | Documentary | Filming

Red Roofs is about the Czechoslovakian, Polish and Hungarian cinema from 1950 until 1990 and its political and social impact.

Director: Zuzka Markova | Stars: Milos Forman, Andrzej Wajda, Agnieszka Holland, Vilmos Zsigmond

43. Sword and Scythe II: Eyewitness

Drama, History, War | Announced

The film is a chronicle, not only of a family, but also of the Hungarian nation through nine hundred years. Contains the description of a people's evolution, spirit and traditions until ... See full summary »

Stars: Judit Lax, Ileana Toma, Attila Bocsárszky, Andrea Ivett Eröss

44. Sword and Scythe I: Chronicles

Drama, History, War | Announced

The film is a chronicle, not only of a family, but also of the Hungarian nation through nine hundred years. Contains the description of a people's evolution, spirit and traditions until ... See full summary »

Stars: Judit Lax, Ileana Toma, Csaba László Eröss, Attila Bocsárszky

47. 3 Brothers

72 min | Documentary | Post-production

3 Brothers is a story that follows several years of the lives of a separated trio of brothers. They are sons of illiterate refugees from Kosovo who had to leave their home during the war in... See full summary »

Director: Katalin Bársony | Stars: Sedat Hasani, Vedat Hasani, Nazmia Hasani

48. A jó katona

Drama | Pre-production

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Director: Bálint Kenyeres

49. Bones of Flesh

Action, Drama, Mystery | Announced

Even the Vatican has secrets. Islamic militants plot to overthrow the Vatican with inside help in a supreme attempt to subvert Christianity offering 2000 year old 'living proof'.

Director: Armand Mastroianni | Stars: Carlo Rota, Ghassan Massoud

50. China, Hungary and the Soccer

Documentary | Post-production

Since 1954, the Chinese and Hungarian people have bonded. What started as an exhibition football game between the two nations evolved into a relationship that helped football reach new ... See full summary »

Director: István Bán | Stars: Hongjun Xie, Weisi Nian, Junxiu Zhang, Zheyu Cong

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