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1. Peter Copley

Actor | Kingdom of Heaven

Peter Copley (20 May 1915 - 7 October 2008) was a British television, film and stage actor.

Copley was born in Bushey, Hertfordshire, son of the printmakers, John Copley and Ethel Gabain. He studied acting at the Old Vic school under Harcourt Williams and Murray Macdonald. He made his stage debut as...

2. Colin Tarrant

Actor | The Rainbow

Colin Tarrant was born on June 14, 1952 in Shirebrook, Derbyshire, England. He was an actor, known for The Rainbow (1988), The Bill (1984) and The Bill: Target (1996). He was married to Valerie Hays. He died on January 26, 2012 in Bristol, England.

3. Gordon Rollings

Actor | Superman III

Born in Batley, Yorkshire, Gordon Rollings began his career in radio in Israel, then progressed into the circus in Paris and trained as a clown. His first television appearance was in Play School (1964) (this was the very first broadcast on BBC2). He then went onto appear as Charlie Moffit in ...

4. Daphne Heard

Actress | To the Manor Born

Daphne Heard was born on August 1, 1904 in Plymouth, Devon, England. She was an actress, known for To the Manor Born (1979), Lorna Doone (1963) and Jude the Obscure (1971). She died on June 22, 1983 in Bristol, England.

5. Katharine Page

Actress | Vanity Fair

Katharine Page was born on February 21, 1908 in Glasgow, Scotland. She was an actress, known for Vanity Fair (1956), Only Fools and Horses.... (1981) and BBC Sunday-Night Theatre (1950). She died in 2003 in Bristol, England.

6. Diana Wynne Jones

Writer | Hauru no ugoku shiro

While studying for her bachelor's degree at St. Anne's College at Oxford, she attended lectures by C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien.

7. Constance Chapman

Actress | A Kind of Loving

Constance Chapman was born on March 29, 1912 in Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, England. She was an actress, known for A Kind of Loving (1982), Born and Bred (1978) and Hedda (1975). She was married to Travers Cousins. She died on August 10, 2003 in Bristol, England.

8. Christopher Challis

Cinematographer | Arabesque

Christopher Challis was born on March 18, 1919 in London, England as Christopher George Joseph Challis. He is known for his work on Arabesque (1966), Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968) and Top Secret! (1984). He was married to Sylvia "Peggy" Mossman. He died on May 31, 2012 in Bristol, England.

9. Peggy Ann Wood

Actress | Lillie

Peggy Ann Wood was born on June 14, 1912 in Chiswick, London, England. She was an actress, known for Lillie (1978), North & South (1975) and Edward the King (1975). She died on May 30, 1998 in Bristol, England.

10. John Witty

Actor | The Broken Horseshoe

John Witty was born on September 17, 1915 in Bristol, England as Rupert John Blanchflower Featherstone-Witty. He was an actor and writer, known for The Broken Horseshoe (1952), Hell Below Zero (1954) and Patrol Car (1954). He was married to Tita Dane and Genine Graham. He died on January 14, 1990 ...

11. Patrick Waite

Actor | Musical Youth: Pass the Dutchie

Patrick Waite was born on June 16, 1968. He was an actor, known for Musical Youth: Pass the Dutchie (1982) and Musical Youth: Tell Me Why (1983). He died on February 18, 1993 in Bristol, England.

12. Paul Ferris

Composer | The Creeping Flesh

Paul Ferris was born on May 2, 1941 in Corby, Northamptonshire, England as Richard Paul Ferris. He was a composer and actor, known for The Creeping Flesh (1973), Maroc 7 (1967) and Persecution (1974). He died on October 30, 1995 in Redcliffe, Bristol, England.

13. Tony Bullimore

Self | They Think It's All Over

Tony Bullimore was born on January 15, 1939 in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, England as Anthony Maurice Frederick Bullimore. He was married to Lalel Jackson. He died on July 31, 2018 in Bristol, Gloucestershire, England.

14. David Trevena

Actor | Nineteen Eighty-Four

David Trevena was born on June 28, 1930 in Birmingham, England as George David Trevena. He was an actor, known for Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984), Robin Hood (1984) and Diagnosis: Murder (1975). He died on January 10, 2000 in Bristol, England.

15. Roy Brimble

Actor | Television Theatre From...

Roy Brimble was born on November 8, 1918 in Bristol, England. He was an actor, known for Television Theatre From... (1968), The Children of the New Forest (1964) and The Wednesday Play (1964). He died on March 4, 1973 in Bristol.

16. Stephen Mallatratt

Writer | Coronation Street

Stephen Mallatratt died of leukemia at the age 57. He achieved fame by adapting Susan Hill's novel The Woman In Black which premiered in Scarborough as a stocking filler over Christmas in 1987.

The Woman In Black is a classic thriller for two actors, the successor to Anthony Shaffer's Sleuth, is now...

18. Joy Harington

Producer | Kidnapped

Joy Harington was born on February 22, 1914 in London, England. She was a producer and writer, known for Kidnapped (1952), Paul of Tarsus (1960) and Fothergale Co. Ltd. (1965). She died on October 22, 1991 in Bristol, England.

19. John White

Actor | Tentacoli

John White was born on November 7, 1936 in Stepney, London, England as John Edward White. He was an actor, known for Tentacles (1977), The First Churchills (1969) and Howards' Way (1985). He was married to Julie Stevens. He died on September 28, 1993 in Bristol, England.

20. Cozy Powell

Soundtrack | Hot Fuzz

Cozy Powell was born on December 29, 1947 in Cirencester, England as Colin Powell. He was an actor, known for Hot Fuzz (2007), MacGruber (2010) and Hale & Pace: The Stonk (1991). He died on April 5, 1998 in Bristol, England.

21. Robert Michaelis

Actor | The Little Welsh Girl

Robert Michaelis was born on December 22, 1878 in Paris, France as Robert Armand René Michaelis. He was an actor, known for The Little Welsh Girl (1920). He was married to Phyllis le Grand. He died on August 29, 1965 in Bristol, England.

22. Annie St John

Self | 3-2-1

Annie St John was born on September 8, 1954 in Blackpool, Lancashire, England as Ann Florence Heywood. She was married to Michael St John. She died on December 10, 1990 in Bristol, England.

23. Dave Borthwick

Director | The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb

Dave Borthwick was born on July 26, 1947 in Bristol, England as David Gold King Borthwick. He was a director and editor, known for The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb (1993), Nursery Crimes - Tom Thumb Pilot (1989) and Doogal (2006). He died on October 27, 2012 in Bristol.

24. Robin Goodchild

Actor | City Rats

Robin trained both at the Central School of Speech and Drama and at Drama Centre in London, England. He was an incredibly talented actor, poet, musician, MC and all round entertainer, as well as being a loving and considerate friend to all he met. He lives on in the memories of all who were lucky ...

25. Thomasine Heiner

Actress | French Kiss

Thomasine Heiner was born on June 20, 1930 in Cook County, Illinois, USA. She was an actress, known for French Kiss (1995), Doctor Who (1963) and Affairs of the Heart (1974). She was married to Frederick Danner. She died in 2002 in Bristol, England.

26. Bonnie Hurren

Actress | The Spies

Bonnie Hurren was born on May 11, 1944 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA as Hopeton Bonar Hurren. She was an actress, known for The Spies (1966), The £1,000,000 Bank Note (1968) and Boy Meets Girl (1967). She was married to Robert Meech and Leon Leake. She died on January 27, 2011 in Bristol, ...

27. Adrian Cairns

Actor | The Vise

Adrian Cairns was born on October 12, 1924 in Finchley, Middlesex [now in Barnet, London], England. He was an actor, known for The Vise (1954), Diagnosis: Murder (1975) and A Stranger on the Hills (1970). He was married to Laura Head and Pamela Wingfield. He died on March 23, 2003 in Bristol, ...

28. Raymond James

Actor | Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass

Raymond James was born in 1922 in Bristol, England as Raymond Frederick James. He was an actor, known for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass (1948), Scotland Yard (1960) and Love and Mr Lewisham (1959). He was married to Margaret Barton. He died on January 1, 2016 in ...

29. Eve King

Composer | The Doombolt Chase

Mother of naturalist Simon King.

30. Derek Graham

Actor | The Clifton House Mystery

Derek Graham was born on February 13, 1942 in Redruth, Cornwall, England as William Derrick Graham. He was an actor, known for The Clifton House Mystery (1978), Robin Hood (1984) and Dramarama (1983). He died on May 18, 2001 in Bristol, England.

31. P.R. Reid

Writer | The Colditz Story

P.R. Reid was born on November 13, 1910 in India as Patrick Robert Reid. He is known for his work on The Colditz Story (1955), Victory (1981) and Colditz (1972). He was married to Nicandra Hood, Mary Stewart Cunliffe-Lister and Jane Cabot. He died on May 22, 1990 in Frenchay, Bristol, England.

32. Edgar Harrison

Actor | Catch Us If You Can

Edgar Harrison was born on February 16, 1907 in Langton Herring, Dorset, England as Edgar Norman Harrison. He was an actor, known for Having a Wild Weekend (1965), Saturday Playhouse (1958) and Softly Softly (1966). He died on July 3, 1982 in Bristol, England.

35. Peter Scott

Writer | Vanishing Wilderness

Peter Scott was born on September 14, 1909 in London, England as Peter Markham Scott. He was a writer, known for Vanishing Wilderness (1974), Look (1955) and Let's Go to the Zoo (1954). He was married to Phillipa Scott and Elizabeth Jane Howard. He died on August 29, 1989 in Bristol, England.

36. Ram Mohan Roy

Music Department | Charulata

37. John Elliot

Writer | The Troubleshooters

John Elliot was born on July 4, 1918 in Castle Hill, Reading, Berkshire, England as John Herbert Elliot. He was a writer and producer, known for Mogul (1965), Rainbow City (1967) and First Night (1963). He was married to Elizabeth Haynes. He died on August 14, 1997 in Clifton, Bristol, ...

38. Audrey Noble

Actress | The Life and Death of Sir John Falstaff

Audrey Noble was born on August 9, 1915 in Bristol, England. She was an actress, known for The Life and Death of Sir John Falstaff (1959), Softly Softly (1966) and Man and Superman (1982). She died on November 30, 2016 in Bristol.

39. Jerry Hicks

Actor | Nectar

Jerry Hicks was born on June 12, 1927 in London, England. He was an actor, known for Nectar (2005) and Points West (1957). He was married to Anne Hicks. He died on February 1, 2014 in Bristol, England.

40. Tom Friswell

Camera Department | The Wednesday Play

Tom Friswell was born in 1930. He is known for his work on The Wednesday Play (1964), A Christmas Night with the Stars (1958) and The Celts (1987). He died in 2002 in Bristol, England.

42. Denis Lehrer

Actor | Rough Shoot

Denis Lehrer was born in 1921 in Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey, England as Denis Norman Lehrer. He was an actor, known for Shoot First (1953) and A Gunman Has Escaped (1948). He died on July 20, 1965 in Bristol, England.

43. Barry Paine

Director | Tom Tom

Barry Paine was born on October 20, 1937 in Wanstead, Essex, England as Barry Ernest Paine. He was a writer and producer, known for Tom Tom (1965), The Children of the New Forest (1964) and Polecats: Masked Raiders (2011). He was married to Jill Cheadle. He died on October 10, 2011 in Bristol, ...

44. Fred De Bradeny

Production Manager | Flushed Away

Cousin of Tilda Swinton.

45. Richard L. Gregory

Self | The Body

Richard L. Gregory was born on July 24, 1923 in London, England as Richard Langton Gregory. He died on May 17, 2010 in Bristol, England.

46. Tommy Watt

Composer | The Night We Got the Bird

Tommy Watt was born on October 31, 1925 in Glasgow, Scotland as Thomas Mitchell Watt. He is known for his work on The Night We Got the Bird (1961), The Good Old Days (1953) and Nothing Barred (1961). He was married to Romany Bain and Jeune Thornton. He died on May 20, 2006 in Bristol, England.

47. Michael Croucher

Producer | Ten Years On

Began his career with the BBC radio in the 1950s and subsequently moved to TV in 1958.

48. George Müller

Self | The Century

George Müller was born on September 27, 1805 in Kroppenstedt, Kingdom of Prussia, Holy Roman Empire. He was married to Susannah Sanger and Mary Groves. He died on May 10, 1898 in Bristol, England.

50. Vera Price

Self | Britain's Greatest Generation

Vera Price was born on December 16, 1904 in Bristol, England. She died on May 9, 2015 in Bristol.

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