Date of Death between 1930-01-01 and 1930-12-31 (Sorted by Popularity Ascending)

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1. Lon Chaney

Actor | He Who Gets Slapped

Although his parents were deaf-mutes, Leonidas Chaney became an actor and also owner of a theatre company (together with his brother John). He made his debut at the movies in 1912, and his filmography is vast. Lon Chaney was especially famous for his horror parts in movies like e.g. Quasimodo in ...

2. Mabel Normand

Actress | Mickey

Mabel Normand was one of the comedy greats of early film. In an era when women are deemed 'not funny enough' it seems film history has forgotten her contributions. Her films debuted the Keystone Cops, Charlie Chaplin's tramp and the pie in the face gag. She co-starred with both Chaplin and Roscoe "...

3. Milton Sills

Actor | The Sea Hawk

American leading man of silent pictures. Born into affluence in Chicago, he attended the University of Chicago on scholarship and remained there as a professor of psychology and philosophy. A chance visit to the school by actor- manager Donald Robertson led to Sills abandoning his career and ...

4. Arthur Conan Doyle

Writer | Sherlock Holmes

Arthur Conan Doyle was born on May 22, 1859 in Edinburgh, Scotland as Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle. He was a writer and producer, known for Sherlock Holmes (2009), Sherlock (2010) and The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (1984). He was married to Jean Leckie and Louisa Hawkins. He died on July 7, 1930 ...

5. D.H. Lawrence

Writer | BBC Sunday-Night Theatre

David Herbert Lawrence was born in Nottinghamshire, England, 11 September 1885. His father was a coal miner, his mother a genteel woman who sought education and refinement for her son. Lawrence earned a university degree and taught school for a short time. While still a student he began to publish ...

6. Armitage Trail

Writer | Scarface

Wrote a number of detective stories for magazines.

7. Anders Randolf

Actor | The Viking

Anders Randolf was born Anders Randrup in Denmark 1870.

His parents were Matthius Randrup and Kristine Jensen. He had a number of siblings - two of which were sisters Kirstine Randrup born in 1884 and Jensine Marie Randrup born 1880. He grew up on Old Rybjergaard farm, living with an Aunt rather ...

8. William Howard Taft

Actor | The President's Pardon

William Howard Taft was born on September 15, 1857 in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. He was an actor, known for The President's Pardon (1913), The Patriot (1913) and President Taft at San Francisco (1911). He was married to Helen Herron. He died on March 8, 1930 in Washington, District of Columbia, USA.

9. Diane Ellis

Actress | Hook and Ladder No. 9

Diane Ellis was born on December 20, 1909 in Los Angeles, California, USA. She was an actress, known for Hook and Ladder No. 9 (1927), The Cradle Snatchers (1927) and Chain Lightning (1927). She was married to Stephen C. Millet. She died on December 15, 1930 in Madras, India.

10. Dorothy Seastrom

Actress | Pretty Ladies

Dorothy Seastrom was born on March 16, 1903 in Texas, USA as Dorothy Susan Seastrunk. She was an actress, known for Pretty Ladies (1925), Fifth Avenue Models (1925) and It Must Be Love (1926). She was married to Francis Corby. She died on January 31, 1930 in Dallas, Texas.

11. Kenneth Hawks

Director | Big Time

Four Hollywood cameramen - George Eastman, Otto Jordan, Conrad Wells and Ben Frankel - were killed on the same day, making the same movie, when their camera planes collided and fell into the Pacific Ocean off the Southern California coast while filming "Such Men Are Dangerous". Six others, ...

12. Vladimir Mayakovsky

Writer | Baryshnya i khuligan

Vladimir Mayakovsky was the leading Russian Futurist poet of the 20th century who created an entirely new form of Russian poetry loosely resembling such modern day rappers as Eminem and Snoop Dogg.

He was born Vladimir Vladimirovich Mayakovsky on July 19, 1893, in the town of Bagdadi, Kutaisi ...

13. Fuller Mellish Jr.

Actor | Applause

Fuller Mellish Jr. was born in 1898 in Clapham, London, England as Harold D. Fuller. He was an actor, known for Applause (1929), Sarah and Son (1930) and Roadhouse Nights (1930). He was married to Olive Reeves-Smith. He died on February 8, 1930 in Forest Hills, New York, USA.

14. F. Richard Jones

Director | Flying Pat

One of the moving forces of early American silent comedy, F. Richard Jones made dozens of hilarious two-reel comedies for Mack Sennett in the mid-teens and early 1920s, featuring such stars as Louise Fazenda, Slim Summerville, Edgar Kennedy and Ben Turpin. He then graduated to feature films, first ...

15. Manfred Noa

Director | Berlin W.

Manfred Noa was born on March 22, 1893 in Berlin, Germany. He was a director and art director, known for Berlin W. (1920), Der heilige Hass, 1. Teil (1921) and Der heilige Hass, 2. Teil - Die Flucht vor dem Tode (1921). He died on December 5, 1930 in Berlin.

16. Beverly Parrish

Actress | A Tough Winter

Beverly Parrish was born on May 10, 1919 in Georgia, USA. She was an actress, known for A Tough Winter (1930). She died on February 27, 1930 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

17. Clare Eames

Actress | Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall

Clare Eames was born on August 5, 1894 in Hartford, Connecticut, USA. She was an actress, known for Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall (1924), The Swan (1925) and The New Commandment (1925). She was married to Sidney Howard. She died on November 8, 1930 in London, England.

18. William Bechtel

Actor | The Three Musketeers: Part 1

William Bechtel was born on June 12, 1867 in Berlin, Germany. He was an actor, known for The Three Musketeers: Part 1 (1911), The Lurking Peril (1919) and It Is Never Too Late to Mend (1913). He was married to Mrs. William Bechtel. He died on October 27, 1930 in Hollywood, California, USA.

19. Horst Wessel

Soundtrack | The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

Horst Wessel was born on September 9, 1907 in Bielefeld, Germany. He died on February 23, 1930 in Berlin, Germany.

20. Rudolph Schildkraut

Actor | Pals in Paradise

Rudolph Schildkraut was born on April 27, 1862 in Constantinople, Ottoman Empire. He was an actor, known for Pals in Paradise (1926), Schlemihl (1915) and His People (1925). He was married to Erna Weinstein. He died on July 15, 1930 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

21. William Courtleigh

Actor | Madame X

William Courtleigh was born on June 28, 1867 in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. He was an actor, known for Madame X (1920), Eyes of Youth (1919) and The Birth of Character (1916). He was married to Edna Conroy (actress). He died on December 27, 1930 in Rye, New York, USA.

22. Edward Warren

Director | The Adventures of a Boy Scout

Edward Warren was born in June 1856 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. He was a director and actor, known for The Adventures of a Boy Scout (1915), Thunderbolts of Fate (1919) and The Warfare of the Flesh (1917). He died on April 3, 1930 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

23. Eugene Silvain

Actor | La passion de Jeanne d'Arc

Eugene Silvain was born on January 17, 1851 in Bourg-en-Bresse, Ain, France as Eugène Charles Joseph Silvain. He was an actor, known for The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928) and Molière, sa vie, son oeuvre (1922). He was married to Louise Silvain and Annie Whiteford. He died on August 21, 1930 ...

24. Ben F. Wilson

Actor | The Power God

Ben F. Wilson, the prolific actor and director of the silent era, was born on July 7, 1876, in Corning, NY. His career as an actor began as most other thespians did in that era--as a member of a theatrical stock company. The stock companies that employed Wilson worked the East Coast circuits.

The ...

25. Harry Watson

Writer | Crosby's Corners

Harry Watson was born in June 1876 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. He was an actor and writer, known for Crosby's Corners (1930), Little Old New York (1923) and Keep Moving (1915). He died on September 23, 1930 in Monrovia, California, USA.

26. Vladimir Arsenev

Writer | Dersu Uzala

He has a town named in his honor in the Primorsky Krai of Russia. It's at the northeast of Vladivostok where he died.

27. Julia Crawford Ivers

Writer | A Son of Erin

Mother of cinematographer James Van Trees.

28. Charles Gilpin

Actor | Ten Nights in a Barroom

Charles Gilpin was born on November 20, 1878 in Richmond, Virginia, USA as Charles Sidney Gilpin. He was an actor, known for Ten Nights in a Barroom (1926) and The Scar of Shame (1927). He was married to Alice Bynum (actress) and Florence Howard. He died on May 6, 1930 in Eldredge Park, New Jersey,...

29. Alois Jirásek

Writer | Filosofská historie

Father of painter Bozena Jelínková-Jirásková.

30. Ben Hendricks Sr.

Actor | Just Out of College

Ben Hendricks Sr. was born on July 5, 1868 in Buffalo, New York, USA. He was an actor, known for Just Out of College (1915), The Conquest of Canaan (1916) and A Temperamental Wife (1919). He was married to Isabelle F. Conway. He died on April 30, 1930 in Hollywood, California, USA.

31. Stephen Grattan

Actor | The Green Archer

Stephen Grattan was born on December 23, 1870 in New York City, New York, USA. He was an actor, known for The Green Archer (1925), The Winning of Beatrice (1918) and The Family Stain (1915). He died on July 23, 1930 in New York City.

32. Jeanne de Balzac

Actress | Salammbô

Jeanne de Balzac was born in 1891 in France. She was an actress, known for Salammbô (1925), Titi premier, roi des gosses (1926) and Die unberührte Frau (1925). She died on May 8, 1930 in Paris, France.

33. Robert Garrison

Actor | The Constant Nymph

Robert Garrison was born on July 18, 1872 in Strassburg, Germany. He was an actor, known for The Constant Nymph (1928), Der Hund von Baskerville (1929) and Michael (1924). He died on January 5, 1930 in Berlin, Germany.

34. Lionelle Howard

Actor | Three Men in a Boat

Born Lionel Tracy in the mid 1890s first worked as a secretary for the Clarendon Film Company in the early 1910s. in 1914 film director Wilfred Noy approach him for the lead role as Leonard Holt in Old St. Paul's an historical drama during the Great fire and plague of 1665 from a novel by Harrison ...

35. Ferdinand Martini

Actor | Helena

Ferdinand Martini was born on September 1, 1870 in Munich, Germany. He was an actor, known for Helen of Troy (1924), Nathan der Weise (1922) and The Pleasure Garden (1925). He died on December 23, 1930 in Germany.

36. George LeMaire

Director | Hard Boiled Hampton

George LeMaire was born on December 22, 1884 in Fort Worth, Texas, USA as Meyer Goldstick. He was a director and actor, known for Hard Boiled Hampton (1929), Big Time Charlie (1929) and Barbers' College (1929). He was married to Marie Burns. He died on January 20, 1930 in New York City, New York, ...

38. Lawrence Leslie

Actor | Why Bring That Up?

Father was Charles J Leslie, an attorney.

Appeared in Meteor (1929) on Broadway with Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne before becoming ill.

Lawrence Leslie died of rheumatic heart disease on July 15, 1930. He was about to replace Spencer Tracy in The Last Mile, but had to drop to due to ill health.

39. Tom Mintz

Actor | Devil's Island

Tom Mintz was born in 1905 in Fargo, North Dakota, USA as Moshe Meintz. He is known for his work on Devil's Island (1926), Vultures of the Sea (1928) and That's My Wife (1929). He died on September 14, 1930 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

40. Lorna Moon

Writer | Min and Bill

Child with Hebditch: William Hebditych (1908-1990).

42. Allyn King

Actress | The Fighting Blade

Allyn King was born in 1901. She was an actress, known for The Fighting Blade (1923). She died on March 30, 1930 in New York City, New York, USA.

43. Fridtjof Nansen

Self | Vår egen tid

Fridtjof Nansen was born on October 10, 1861 in Store-Frøen, Norway. He was married to Eva Sars. He died on May 13, 1930 in Lysaker, Norway.

44. Beth Slater Whitson

Soundtrack | Out of Sight

American songwriter who composed hundreds of songs, many of them now standards. The daughter of a journalist, Whitson was born in Hickman County, Tennessee, where she collaborated with her sister Alice on lyrics. She also wrote poetry and was widely published as a poet and fiction writer. In 1909, ...

45. Les Bates

Actor | Vanity Fair

Les Bates was born on June 6, 1877 in Waukegan, Illinois, USA. He was an actor, known for Vanity Fair (1923), While London Sleeps (1926) and The Fighting Legion (1930). He died on August 8, 1930 in Hollywood, California, USA.

46. Sunshine Hart

Actress | My Best Girl

Sunshine Hart was born Lucia Adams on July 6, 1886, in Vevay, Indiana. She would later claim that her father was a minister on an Indian reservation and that an Indian nurse gave her the nickname "Sunshine". After high school she started acting in stock companies and spent many years working ...

47. Michael Vavitch

Actor | Two Arabian Knights

Michael Vavitch was born in 1885 in Odessa, Kherson Governorate, Russian Empire as Mihailo Ivanovic-Vavic. He was an actor, known for Two Arabian Knights (1927), The Third Degree (1926) and The Bridge of San Luis Rey (1929). He died on October 5, 1930 in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA.

48. Beulah Bains

Actress | The Charm School

Beulah Bains was born in 1905 in Fort Bend County, Texas, USA. She was an actress, known for The Charm School (1921) and The Kid (1921). She died on August 16, 1930 in Banning, California, USA.

49. Giovanni Grasso Sr.

Actor | Vautrin

Giovanni Grasso Sr. was born on December 19, 1873 in Catania, Sicily, Italy. He was an actor, known for Vautrin (1919), Cavalleria rusticana (1924) and Sperduti nel buio (1914). He died on October 14, 1930 in Catania.

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