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1. Darlene Cates

Actress | What's Eating Gilbert Grape

The lovable, impressionable and immeasurably talented Darlene Cates was born December 13, 1947 in Borger, Texas, to Dorothy Ann (née Pfrimmer) and Truman Madison Guthrie. She grew up in Dumas. Darlene's parents divorced when she was 12 years, which lead to overeating, which manifested itself into ...

2. Newell Alexander

Actor | A Very Sordid Wedding

Newell Alexander's stage credits include the original productions of Del Shores' "Cheatin'," "Daddy's Dyin' Who's Got the Will?" (and also the film version), "Sordid Lives" (and also the film version) and "Southern Baptist Sissies". Newell's TV work includes recurring roles on Big Love (2006) for ...

3. Fritz Sperberg

Actor | Patriot Games

Fritz Sperberg was born on July 20, 1951 in Borger, Texas, USA as Frederick David Sperberg. He is an actor, known for Patriot Games (1992), Star Trek: Klingon Academy (2000) and Lucky Luke (1991).

4. Stan Hansen

Actor | No Holds Barred

Refused to drop the American Wrestling Association heavyweight title in 1984, even when told directly by AWA president Verne Gagne. Never officially dropped the title and was stripped of it for failure to defend it in thirty days. When the AWA asked him to return the belt since he wasn't champion ...

5. Kenney Dale Johnson

Actor | The Chris Isaak Show

Kenney Dale Johnson was born on June 10, 1955 in Borger, Texas, USA. He is an actor, known for The Chris Isaak Show (2001), The Paula Poundstone Show (1992) and Postcards (1999).

6. Wallace Chadwell

Actor | Adam Had Four Sons

Wallace Chadwell was born on March 11, 1927 in Borger, Texas, USA. He was an actor, known for Adam Had Four Sons (1941), Logan's Run (1977) and Columbo (1971). He died on January 25, 2000 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

7. Brooks Poston

Soundtrack | Manson

Brooks Poston was born on December 15, 1948 in Borger, Texas, USA.

8. Don Crabtree

Actor | Dark Shadows

Don Crabtree was born on August 21, 1928 in Borger, Texas, USA as Donald Martin Crabtree. He was an actor, known for Dark Shadows (1966), The Equalizer (1985) and Texas (1980). He died on April 19, 2015 in Suffern, New York, USA.

9. Donny Anderson

Self | The NFL on CBS

Donny Anderson was born on May 16, 1943 in Borger, Texas, USA as Garry Don Anderson.

10. Carl Bernard

Self | Our Time in Hell: The Korean War

Carl Bernard was born on May 31, 1926 in Borger, Texas, USA as Carl Franklin Bernard. He was married to Edith Jouanin and Barbara Browne. He died on March 4, 2008 in Alexandria, Virginia, USA.

11. Bob Foster

Self | Fight of the Week

Bob Foster was born on December 15, 1938 in Borger, Texas, USA as Robert Lloyd Foster. He was married to Rose. He died on November 21, 2015 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.

12. Robert Wade Baker

Point Break

Robert Wade Baker was born in July 1963 in Borger, Texas, USA. He is known for his work on Point Break (1991), Alamo: The Price of Freedom (1988) and National Geographic Explorer (1985).

12 names.