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1. Art Mengo

Soundtrack | The Secret Life of Words

French singer-composer. Born in Toulouse from Spanish immigrants (both ardent Republicans who fled their country because of Franco's dictatorship), Michel Armengot suffered a 70% deafness during his childhood. Despite that, he early played a small electronic keyboard his mother gave him and as a ...

2. Bakhtyar Khudojnazarov

Director | Luna Papa

Born in Tajikistan during the Soviet Union period, Bakhtyar Khudojnazarov worked for Tadjikfilm Studios, TV and radio, as a journalist or assistant director, from 1982 to 1984. He then studied at the Moscow Film Institute (VGIK), in Igor Talankin's class, where he directed two short films ("...

3. Dino Buzzati

Writer | Il deserto dei tartari

Born in 1906, Dino Buzzati was the second of his Venetian parents' 4 children. In 1917, a year after Buzzati started to study at the Parini school in Milan, Austrians occupied his family's villa, which was partly destroyed after that. After the end of the war, Buzzati's father, Giulio Cesare ...

4. Enki Bilal

Director | Tykho Moon

Born in Yugoslavia, his mother was Czech and his Bosnian father used to be Tito's tailor. His family fled the country to France in 1960, where Enki learns French and discovers cinema and comic books. In 1971, he wins a contest organized by the famous comics magazine Pilote with his first story "...

5. François Mitterrand

Self | Echtzeit

François Mitterrand was born in Jarnac on October 26, 1916. He was finishing his studies in Paris when he was called by the French army in September 1939. He was 3 times mentioned, then injured and imprisoned but he escaped in December 1941 during his transfer to another war camp. Back to France, ...

6. Guy Forget

Self | Wimbledon

French left-handed tennis player in the 1980s and 1990s. As a junior he won the famous Orange Bowl in Miami in 1982, which led him to start his professional career, finishing his first year at 70th place in the world ATP rankings. In 1986, he won his first single ATP tournament in Toulouse, where ...

7. Jean de La Fontaine

Writer | La cicala e la formica

Born in July 8, 1621, in Château-Thierry (Champagne, France), where his father was in charge of Water, Forests and Hunting, Jean de la Fontaine spent his whole childhood and adolescence in the countryside, where he mainly studied Latin language. In 1641, he moved to Paris to continue his study at ...

8. Michel Leeb

Director | L'amour c'est du papier

Michel Leeb discovered his passion for jazz at the age of 10 when his mother gave him a Ray Charles's vinyl ('Dedicated to you'). Then his passion grew permanently especially after having seen Oscar Peterson in concert in Paris when he was 16. Actually he always said that he would have chosen jazz ...

9. Raphaël Mezrahi

Actor | Les filles, personne s'en méfie

Raphaël Mezrahi was born on March 24, 1964. He obtained a diploma in commerce (DUT) then one in art history (DEUG) and in cinema (Licence). In 1989 he started to work at French channel TF1 where he became successively archivist, duplex coordinator for the show 'Perdu de vue' (hosted by Jacques ...

10. Raymond Barre

Self | Le confort et l'indifférence

French politician, born in the French overseas island in the Indian Ocean. He studied politics at "Sciences Po". Minister of Commerce form January to August 1976 (government of Prime Minister Jacques Chirac, then named Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Finance by President Valéry Giscard ...

11. Sirak M. Sabahat

Actor | Va, vis et deviens

Born on 5 December 1981 in Walita, north of Ethiopia. First of 4 brothers. He moved to Israel in 1991. He and his family left Awassa (South of Ethiopia), walking thousands of kilometers to Addis Abeba. They lost many friends and relatives during the trip. They eventually waited in the capital city ...

12. Yannick Noah

Soundtrack | Le petit prince

Born in the North of France in 1960, Yannick Noah is the son of a Cameroonian soccer player, Zacharie Noah, and his French wife Marie-Claire. After a sports injury in 1963, Noah's father returned to Africa with his family. There Yannick made his debut in tennis and soon showed an amazing talent ...

12 names.

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