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1. Aud Schønemann

Actress | Fleksnes fataliteter

This diminutive actress is without a doubt one of Norway's most beloved entertainer. A gripping dramatic actress as well as a world class comedienne, you wouldn't know it by looking at her. After debuting on stage just after the German occupation of Norway ended in 1945 she went on to became one of...

2. Bjørge Lillelien

Actor | Makaroni Blues

Bjørge Lillelien studied journalism in the USA. After that he worked in newspapers in Chicago and New York, before returning home. In 1957 he was employed by NRK (the Norwegian State Broadcasting Corporation). From 1967 he started work at their news and sports desk, and through the years gained an ...

3. Bo Hermansson

Director | Den siste Fleksnes

This Swedish director has since the late 1960s been one of the most influential directors in Norway and Sweden. Best known for adapting three popular British sitcoms for a Scandinavian audience.

His most famous achievement was turning Ray Galton and Alan Simpson's "Hancock's Half Hour" into "...

4. Jan Pande-Rolfsen

Actor | Den hemmelighetsfulle leiligheten

Norwegian actor who became well known as a presentor on Norway's NRK Radio, known as "the man with the snug voice". In his 70s he suddenly became a cult-figure on TV when comedian Otto Jespersen gave him a small part in his popular show "O.J. ute på prøve" (O.J. Out On Parole). Each programme would...

5. Knut Haukelid

Self | Kampen om tungtvannet

On May 17, 1911, as Norway was jubilantly celebrating its Constitution Day, two Norwegian citizens were born in Flatbush, a sector of Brooklyn, New York. They were twins. The boy was Knut Haukelid. He was to become a leader of the Norwegian underground during World War II and is given major credit ...

6. Kåre Willoch

Self | U-natt

Kåre Willoch's career in politics started when he became a member of the Oslo City Council from 1952 to 1959. In 1958, at the age of 30 he became a member of the Norwegian Parliament, a seat he held for over 30 years. At the age of 35 he became Minister of Trade in John Lyng's government that ...

7. Lars Joakim Ringom

Director | Brødre

Ringom grew up in Lillehammer, Norway, the son of author and professional motivator Bjørn Ringom. Unemployed he decided to apply for participation in the Norwegian Big Brother-show, ending up as the youngest contestant in the house. As he himself put it: "At that time of year (winter) I was going ...

8. Ole Evenrud

Producer | Diva: The Sun Always Shines on T.V.

Ole Jacob Evenrud was born in Norway, November 17th, 1962. His breakthrough as an artist came in 1983, and he soon became one of Norway's most popular artists under the name "Ole-i-Dole". Releasing five albums in as many years, he also saw some success abroad. His last stint as an artist was ...

9. Per Christian Ellefsen

Actor | Elling

Per Christian Ellefsen started his impressive stage career at Sogn og Fjordane's Theatre at the age of 23. In 1980 he became an employee of Oslo Nye Teater (Oslo's New Theatre) where he soon met friend and colleague Sven Nordin. Through the 1980s Nordin drifted into success in television while ...

10. Pål Bang-Hansen

Director | Kronprinsen

Pål Bang-Hansen was born in Oslo, the capital of Norway. The son of author Odd Bang-Hansen (who also worked as a film critic in the 1950s) he would from childhood be as much a part of the Norwegian film industry, as the industry would be a part of him. At the age of 12 he played the scene-stealing ...

11. Ragnar Bjerkreim

Composer | Yohan - Barnevandrer

Like many Norwegians born in the countryside, Ragnar Bjerkreim's last name is the same as his place of birth. He was born in Bjerkreim county on April 19th, 1958. He got a keen interest in music at a very early age and eventually majored in Music at the University of Oslo; his thesis was entitled "...

12. Roald Øyen

Director | The Nor-way to Broadcasting

Roald Øyen started out in the children and youth department of the then only TV-station in Norway, NRK, in the early 1960s. His boss back then, popular TV-host Lauritz Johnson, thought flying could be an exciting subject for thrill-seeking youngsters and sent Øyen out to do a story. Øyen followed a...

13. Silje Stang

Actress | Mandagsklubben

This Norwegian radio-journalist became even more popular in the late 1990s, when she turned her talent to television, and such shows as the award winning travel magazine Silje & Sigurd - et slags reiseprogram (2000). She continued to switch between TV and working as one of the most popular ...

14. Stine Kjelland-Mørdre

Actress | Skai TV - imitert fjernsyn

Norwegian actress Stine Kjelland-Mørdre came to everybody's attention supporting Norway's favorite comedy trio "KLM" (Kirkvaag, Lystad, Mjøen) in their show "Skai TV" in the late 1980s.

Through "Skai TV" she proved herself a worthy adversary to the veteran comedians and a talented comedienne in her ...

15. Sven Nordin

Actor | Børning

This Norwegian actor is an employee of Oslo Nye Teater (Oslo's New Theatre) since 1981. On stage he has starred in everything from Shakespeare to modern drama like Tennessee William's The Glass Menagerie, and musicals like Guys and Dolls. Got his big breakthrough as a Norwegian resistance fighter ...

16. Toni Usman

Actor | Bot og bedring

Toni Usman was born in Pakistan but has lived in Norway most of his life. He trained as an actor with Bollywood star-maker Asha Chandra in Mumbai, India. In Norway he has worked as a freelance actor since 1987 with engagements at NRK 1 (the country's largest TV channel), Radioteatret, Riksteatret, ...

17. Øystein Wiik

Actor | Sea Dragon

Norwegian actor and singer. Had his debut in 1978 in Bergen's Grieg Hall, playing Jesus in the musical "Godspell". He was an employee of Den Nationale Scene (theatre) in Bergen 1978-79, Oslo Nye Teater 1979-80, and then Det Norske Teatret where he made a mark for himself as a leading musical-artist...

17 names.

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