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1. Akbar de Wighar

Director | Round

Akbar de Wighar also known as Berydw, (born June 20, 1988) is an animation director, entrepreneur and musician. He is known as one of three co-founder and current CEO of the motion picture production, KARTENZ. He came to prominence as the creator of virtual band, CHUCKILL. He introduced several ...

2. Chika Riznia

Costume Designer | Round

Rizka Kurnia also known as Chika Riznia, (born October 1, 1988), is an Indonesian fashion designer who has co-created a fashion line called MAJOR REBEL in 2012.

A pleasure for cutting a paper and shaping it into an outfit, bringing 5-year-old girl chosen to be a fashion designer as a way of life in ...

3. Halilintar Wp

Animation Department | Round

Halilintar WP, Animation Department, Character designer for Kartenz feature film, Round (2018). It was produced by Kartenz Animation Studios. An Animator, Designer and Special effects technician who co-created animation character including CHUCKILL, Happy Rilly, Dr. Spaze and Johny Mechanic. ...

3 names.

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