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1. Albert Whitlock

Visual Effects | Earthquake

Albert Whitlock was one of the most skilled matte artists in the history of motion pictures, with his work seen in more than 500 films and television shows. His very long career began in London in 1929, when, at the age of 14, he was a fetch-and-carry fellow at Gaumont Studios. He went on to build ...

2. Alexander Golitzen

Production Designer | Spartacus

Alexander Golitzen was a legendary art director, a field in which most worker's names remain relatively unknown. His prolific work in hundreds of films, predominantly at Universal, made his name familiar to many film-goers, at least among those who read credits. Possibly only Cedric Gibbons, at MGM...

3. Amy Adams

Actress | Arrival

Amy Lou Adams was born in Vicenza, Veneto, Italy, to American parents, Kathryn (Hicken) and Richard Kent Adams, a U.S. serviceman who was stationed at Caserma Ederle in Italy at the time. She was raised in a Mormon family of seven children in Castle Rock, Colorado, and has English, as well as ...

4. Bruce Heller

Visual Effects | The Secret of NIMH

Working as one of the most proficient effects animators during the past three decades, Bruce Heller is especially notable for carrying on the tradition of classical animation that had originally flowered in the Walt Disney Studio.

Bruce gained an early appreciation of art and design from his family, ...

5. David Schall

Actor | The Young and the Restless

An actor remembered as much for the legacy of his Christian ministry work in the entertainment industry as for his appearances in theater, television, and films, David Schall actually started out with a career in politics. He was born, raised, and educated in Pennsylvania, serving as president of ...

6. Emmy Rossum

Actress | The Phantom of the Opera

It would seem that 2004, the year of her 18th birthday, will be remembered as pivotal for Emmy Rossum due to her appearance in two very different films, The Day After Tomorrow (2004) and The Phantom of the Opera (2004). Emmy's performance in the latter film gained her a Golden Globe nomination.


7. Francis L. Urry

Actor | Windows of Heaven

Francis L. Urry was a Utah-based actor. His career in speech and drama began in 1937 as a private teacher, and then he worked at radio station KSL in Salt Lake City for many years. As his career progressed, he performed on network radio and television, and appeared in live theater productions. Urry...

8. George Takei

Actor | Star Trek

Although primarily known for playing Hikaru Sulu in the television series Star Trek (1966) and the first six features, George Takei has had a varied career acting in television, feature films, live theater and radio. He also is a successful writer and community activist.

George Takei was born Hosato...

9. Gila Golan

Actress | Our Man Flint

Gila Golan's career started as an Israeli fashion model, which led to appearances as a film actress. She was apparently born in Krakow, Poland, for she was discovered there in a train station during the German occupation in 1940. She was adopted by a Roman Catholic couple and later sent to a ...

10. Gordon Jump

Actor | WKRP in Cincinnati

The burly character actor Gordon Jump will probably be best remembered for the role of the radio station manager Arthur Carlson in the TV sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati (1978). This is ironic, since in the first part of his working life he was found either behind a microphone or camera in stints with ...

11. Jack Cardiff

Director | Sons and Lovers

Almost universally considered one of the greatest cinematographers of all time, Jack Cardiff was also a notable director. He described his childhood as very happy and his parents as quite loving. They performed in music hall as comedians, so he grew up with the fun that came with their theatrical ...

12. Judge Whitaker

Animation Department | Peter Pan

Judge Whitaker was an animator that went on to become a pioneering producer & director of educational and religious films at Brigham Young University, where he is credited with establishing a motion picture studio. In many ways his life would parallel that of Walt Disney, who would become his ...

13. Nathan Hale

Actor | And Should We Die

A ruggedly handsome actor, Nathan was also a producer, and a theater owner. Teamed with his wife, Ruth Hale, he founded community theaters in California and Utah. His children and grandchildren continue in this family legacy of the stage to this day, and some grandsons have become successful film ...

14. Paula Patton

Actress | Precious

Paula Patton was born in Los Angeles, California, to Joyce (Vanraden) and Charles Patton. Her father is African-American and her mother, who is caucasian, has German, English, and Dutch ancestry. Her family lived across the street from the 20th Century Fox lot when she was growing up and she was a ...

15. Richard L. Evans

Actor | Man's Search for Happiness

Richard L. Evans is best known for his inspirational messages given in the long-running weekly radio program "Music and the Spoken Word" with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. As a General Authority of the Mormon Church, he was one of their most senior leaders.

Evans was the last child born to John A. ...

16. Robert W. Stum

Cinematographer | And Should We Die

Robert W. Stum was head cinematographer at the Brigham Young University Motion Picture Studio for many years, beginning almost from its inception when he was learning his craft on the job. He had become a keen photographer while in high school and attending college at BYU (taking art classes) and ...

17. Ruth Hale

Actress | Animated Stories from the Bible

Ruth Hale thought of herself as predominantly a writer, and she wrote over 70 plays, but she was better known as an actress and theatre owner. Starting with her husband Nathan, she and her family founded community theatres in California, Utah, and Arizona. Her children and grandchildren continue in...

18. Scott Whitaker

Writer | Bitter Wind

Scott Whitaker's contributions to filmmaking were mainly as a story man and script writer, but he also directed some short films in a 22 year tenure with the film studio at Brigham Young University that he helped to establish. His education included English classes at George Washington University ...

19. Shunji Iwai

Writer | Vampire

Having received his education at Yokohama National University, Shunji Iwai started out in the entertainment industry by directing music videos and television dramas, including the likes of Maria, Lunatic Love and Fireworks, for which he received the award for Best Newcomer from the Japanese ...

19 names.

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