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1. Patrick Harrison

Camera Department | Taming Tammy

Patrick Harrison is known for Taming Tammy (2007).

2. Landen Rose

Art Department | Thanks for Sharing

Landen Rose is known for Thanks for Sharing (2012).

3. Dustin Wyatt

Producer | Lambs

Dustin Wyatt is known for Lambs (2009), An Occurrence (2019) and There Came a Night (2016).

4. Tomoko Mori

Actress | Animusu anima

Tomoko Mori is known for Animusu anima (2005) and Motion of Confusion (1996).

5. 'Bang Bang' Toto Ruta

Actress | Banditi a Milano

'Bang Bang' Toto Ruta is known for The Violent Four (1968).

7. Garrett Gunter

Editor | Honey Locust

Garrett Gunter is known for Honey Locust (2022).

8. Dmitriy Vasilev

Director | Nedlinnye istorii

Dmitriy Vasilev is known for Nedlinnye istorii (2002) and Chief of the Carrousel (2001).

9. Angel Sanchez

Venus as a Boy

Angel Sanchez is known for Venus as a Boy (2021).

11. Stuart Leeming

Actor | The Family

Stuart Leeming is known for The Family (2022).

12. O'Neal Jonathan

Sound Department | Checkout

O'Neal Jonathan is known for Checkout (2011).

13. Lena Tangorra

Actress | Nous trois

Lena Tangorra is known for Just the Three of Us (2010).

14. Jelopi Sedeu Nishevikj

Actress | The Other Side

Jelopi Sedeu Nishevikj is known for The Other Side (2021).

15. Jodi Phillips

Costume Department | Welcome to Inspiration

Jodi Phillips is known for Welcome to Inspiration (2015).

17. Reece Sanders

Visual Effects | Mary and Max.

Reece Sanders is known for Mary and Max (2009) and Leonids (2016).

18. Kniewald Demian

Editor | The Enlightenment: Sons of the Silent Age

Demian Kniewald is an internationally recognized painter, mostly tied to Italy since he attended the Academy of Brera in Milan where lived for 10 years. He is primarily known for his opus "Enigma da Vinci", which associates famous renaissance painters on large oils on canvas, by telling a mystical ...

19. Mayu Ganeshan

Music Department | Nunnunarvu

Mayu Ganeshan is known for Nunnunarvu (2016) and Otru (2022).

20. Earl Williams

Actor | After the Day

Earl Williams is known for After the Day (2008).

22. Monica Childs

Writer | Anonymous Tip

Monica Childs is known for Anonymous Tip (2016).

23. Allen Wright

Actor | Empty Calories

Allen Wright is known for Empty Calories (2011).

24. Michael Shull

Actor | Right Before Your Eyes

Michael Shull is known for Right Before Your Eyes (2019).

25. Andrea Schurman

Actress | B.J. Fletcher: Private Eye

Andrea Schurman is known for B.J. Fletcher: Private Eye (2008).

26. Amanda Egan

Actress | Home Movie

Amanda Egan is known for Home Movie (2017), American Experience (1987) and The Pilgrims (2015).

27. Manu Passos

Producer | Operação X9

Manu Passos is known for Operação X9 (2008), E no entanto ela se move (2008) and E no entanto ela se move (2008).

28. Bhavana Tushar Kerkar

Art Director | Afsos

Bhavana Tushar Kerkar is known for Afsos (2020).

30. Aaron Szlachetka

Actor | Motel London II

Aaron Szlachetka is known for Motel London II (2014).

34. Seth Kelman

Producer | Bandito

Seth Kelman was born in 1998 in South Florida. In 2017, he moved to New York City to pursue film directing at New York University's prestigious Tisch School of the Arts Kanbar Institute of Film & Television. Seth now lives in Los Angeles, California, where he writes and directs narrative works.

35. Wai-Yi Yip

Actress | Na yi tian wo men hui fei

Wai-Yi Yip is known for She Remembers, He Forgets (2015).

37. Éric Gourdeau

Self | René Lévesque, héros malgré lui

Éric Gourdeau was born in 1924 in Québec City, Québec, Canada.

39. Sebasitán Mellino

Composer | Highway: Rodando la Aventura

Sebasitán Mellino is known for Highway: Rodando la Aventura (2010).

40. Joan Jameson

Costume Designer | My Lucky Star

Joan Jameson is known for My Lucky Star (1933).

41. Philip Norman

Producer | Mummy's Boy

Philip Norman is known for Mummy's Boy (2020).

42. Manuel Nevares

Actor | Tu pirata soy yo

Manuel Nevares is known for Tu pirata soy yo (2008).

44. Samaria Folks

Actress | To the Wonder

Samaria Folks is known for To the Wonder (2012).

45. Li Zhi

Sound Department | The Annunciation

Li Zhi is known for The Annunciation (2010).

47. Ella Richert

Make Up Department | Lion's Return

Ella Richert is known for Lion's Return (2018).

48. Daniel Romano

Soundtrack | Orphan Black

Daniel Romano is known for Orphan Black (2013), A Rag in the Sky (2009) and Adult Content (2009).

49. Paul Wright

Director | AfterLife

Paul Wright is known for AfterLife (2020), Fissure (2017) and Gein's Family Giftshop: Number 1/I Am the Law (2014).

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