Date of Death between 1898-01-01 and 1898-12-31 (Sorted by Popularity Ascending)

21 names.

1. Lewis Carroll

Writer | Alice in Wonderland

Lewis Carroll was the pen name of Charles L. Dodgson, author of the children's classics "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking-Glass."

Born on January 27, 1832 in Daresbury, Cheshire, England, Charles Dodgson wrote and created games as a child. At age 20 he received a ...

2. Otto von Bismarck

Writer | Film socialisme

Otto von Bismarck was born on April 1, 1815 in Schönhausen, Jerichow II, Province of Saxony, Prussia as Otto Eduard Leopold von Bismarck. He was a writer, known for Film socialisme (2010). He was married to Johanna von Puttkamer. He died on July 30, 1898 in Friedrichsruh, Aumühle, ...

3. Theodor Fontane

Writer | Wildes Blut

Theodor Fontane was born on the 30th of December 1819 in Neuruppin (Germany) near Berlin, the son of a drugstore-owner. After learning pharmacy and working in a drugstore he quit his job to become a freelance journalist in Berlin. He was able to finance his living costs with this job, was later ...

7. Sakari Topelius

Writer | Rautakylän vanha parooni

Graduated in 1833. Doctor of Philosophy and after retiring, Councillor of State.

9. Conrad Ferdinand Meyer

Writer | Violanta

Swiss poet and author, a master of the German-language historical novella; his two best-known novellas are Thomas a Becket the Saint (1880; Eng. trans., 1885) and The Monk's Wedding (1884; Eng. trans., 1887).

14. Francis Frith

Camera Department | Gates of Heaven

Victorian Era photographer, noted for his collodion-process images of Egypt in 1856.

17. Manuel Tamayo y Baus

Writer | Un drama nuevo

Son of actors and playwrights and relative of influential politicians, his early years were spent traveling with the theatre company belonging to their parents. His first steps were taken within a Romanticism that was beginning to be old fashioned, but gradually progressed toward Realism and high ...

19. George Müller

Self | The Century

George Müller was born on September 27, 1805 in Kroppenstedt, Kingdom of Prussia, Holy Roman Empire. He was married to Susannah Sanger and Mary Groves. He died on May 10, 1898 in Bristol, England.

20. Harold Frederic

Writer | Copperhead

Sometime between 1889 and 1890, he met Kate Lyon, who became his mistress. Frederic and Lyon established a second household, living openly together; they had three children.

21. Elisabeth von Wittelsbach

She and her family spelled her nickname "Sisi", not "Sissi" like in the eponymous popular movie trilogy.

21 names.

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