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1. George Sanders

Actor | All About Eve

George Sanders was born of English parents in St. Petersburg, Russia. He worked in a Birmingham textile mill, in the tobacco business and as a writer in advertising. He entered show business in London as a chorus boy, going from there to cabaret, radio and theatrical understudy. His film debut, in ...

2. Tom Conway

Actor | Cat People

Tom Conway played "The Falcon" in ten of that series' entries. He starred in three Val Lewton horror classics. He appeared in comedies, musicals, two Tarzan films and even science fiction films.

He was early television's Detective Mark Saber, but Conway will probably be best remembered as George ...

3. Gregory Gaye

Actor | Dodsworth

Gregory Gaye was born on October 10, 1900 in St. Petersburg, Russian Empire as Gregory De Gay. He was an actor, known for Dodsworth (1936), Ninotchka (1939) and Tovarich (1937). He died on August 23, 1993 in Studio City, Los Angeles, California, USA.

4. Dmitri Shostakovich

Soundtrack | Children of Men

Dmitri Shostakovich, one of Russian culture's most acclaimed intellectuals who was censored under the dictatorship of Joseph Stalin, was an internationally recognized composer whose music was in over 100 films.

He was born Dmitri Dmitrievich Shostakovich on September 25, 1906, in St. Petersburg, ...

5. Mischa Auer

Actor | My Man Godfrey

Mischa Auer, the American screen's supreme exponent of the "Mad Russian" stereotype so dear to Yankee hearts before and after World War II, was born Mischa Ounskowsky on November 17, 1905, in St. Petersburg, Russia, the grandson of violinist Leopold Auer, whose surname he took when he became a ...

6. Michael Chekhov

Actor | Spellbound

Michael Chekhov was a Russian actor in the Moscow Art Theatre who emigrated to America and made a career in Hollywood, earning himself an Oscar nomination.

He was born Mikhail Aleksandrovich Chekhov in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1891. His mother, Natalya Golden, was Jewish, and his father, Aleksandr ...

7. Ayn Rand

Writer | Love Letters

Ayn Rand was born on February 2, 1905 in St. Petersburg, Russian Empire as Alissa Zinovievna Rosenbaum. She was a writer and actress, known for Love Letters (1945), We the Living (1942) and The Fountainhead. She was married to Frank O'Connor. She died on March 6, 1982 in New York City, New York, ...

8. Vladimir Nabokov

Writer | Lolita

Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov was born on April 22, 1899, the eldest of five children in a wealthy aristocratic family in St. Petersburg, Russia. His grandfather was a Justice Minister to the Czar Alexander II. His father, named Vladimir Dmitrievich Nabokov, was a liberal political leader, the ...

9. Tsar Nicholas II

Self | Hänen Majesteettinsa Keisarin käynti Helsingissä

Czar Nicholas II of Russia was crowned in 1894, and was the last Emperor of Russia. He was born on 19 May, 1868, the first child of Tsarevitch Aleksandr III and his wife, Maria Fyodorovna. He was christened His Imperial Highness Nicholas Aleksandrovitch Romanov, Grand Duke of Russia. He was followed...

10. Sacha Guitry

Writer | Les perles de la couronne

French actor, dramatist and director, Sacha Guitry was born in 1885 in Saint-Petersburg where his father, actor Lucien Guitry, was under contract with the city's French theater. Early on, Sacha knew he was going to be an artist. Therefore, his studies were mediocre.

His acting debuts were not too ...

11. Tamara Geva

Actress | Ein Sommernachtstraum

The daughter of a Swedish mother (Tamara Urtahl, a Swede) and of a wealthy St. Petersburg manufacturer of Muslim heritage and patron of the arts who later became a free-thinker (Levko Zheverzheiev), Geva grew up in a vast 18th century mansion which included a private museum. Geva described her ...

12. Nikolay Cherkasov

Actor | Aleksandr Nevskiy

The preeminent Russian actor, at least in Western eyes, of the first half of the twentieth century. He became interested in the theatre as a teenager and joined the Teatr Mariinskij as a stagehand in 1918. He apprenticed with various traveling companies and therein learned ballet, pantomime, and ...

13. Zoya Fyodorova

Actress | Frontovye podrugi

Zoya Fyodorova was born on December 21, 1907 in St. Petersburg, Russian Empire as Zoya Alekseyevna Fyodorova. She was an actress, known for The Girl from Leningrad (1941), Muzykalnaya istoriya (1940) and Zhenitba (1936). She died on December 11, 1981 in Moscow, RSFSR, USSR [now Russia].

14. Aleksey Nikolaeyvitch Romanov

Self | Pathé's Weekly, No. 46

His Imperial Highness Tsarevich Alexei Nikolaevich Romanov was born on August 12, 1904, in the Peterhof Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia. He was the youngest child and only son of Their Imperial Majesties Tsar Nicholas II and Tsaritsa Alexandra Fyodorovna. His birth was a cause for much celebration ...

15. Teuvo Tulio

Editor | Unelma karjamajalla

Teuvo Tulio was born on August 23, 1912 in St. Petersburg, Russian Empire as Theodor Antonius Tugai. He was an editor and director, known for In the Fields of Dreams (1940), Sensuela (1972) and Vihtori ja Klaara (1939). He died on June 8, 2000 in Helsinki, Finland.

16. Igor Stravinsky

Soundtrack | Allied

Igor Stravinsky's father was a singer at the opera, and thus Stravinsky became a student of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov after a short stint as a law student. Very much influenced by Russian composers, only his sponsor Sergei Diaghilev in Paris was able to convince him to try new styles of ballet, e.g. ...

17. Sergey Urusevskiy

Cinematographer | Selskaya uchitelnitsa

Sergey Urusevskiy was born on December 23, 1908 in St. Petersburg, Russian Empire as Sergei Pavlovich Urusevsky. He was a cinematographer and director, known for The Village Teacher (1947), Dream of a Cossack (1951) and Beg inokhodtsa (1969). He died on November 12, 1974 in Moscow, Russian SFSR, ...

18. Daniele Amfitheatrof

Soundtrack | Friday the 13th: A New Beginning

A well-respected conductor and composer, who arrived in the US in 1937 and became a citizen in 1944. His education included studies with Wladimir Tscherbachev, Otto Respighi, and Jaroslav Krichka in the Conservatory and Pontifical Academy of Sacred Music of Vatican in Rome. He was assistant ...

19. Assia Noris

Actress | Le voyageur de la Toussaint

At the beginning of the nineteen thirties a new star appeared in the skies of fascist-led Italy, a nineteen-year-old Russian-born named Assia Norris, soon to be nicknamed the country's sweetheart. Fresh and charming, she drew lots of fans into theaters. Not that the comedies she played in were ...

20. Anatole de Grunwald

Writer | Bond Street

Anatole de Grunwald was seven years old when his father, a diplomat in the service of the Russian Czar, was forced to flee with his family to England during the Bolshevik Revolution. He grew up in England, began a career as a journalist there and entered the British film industry in 1939 as a ...

21. Grand Duchess Anastasia

Self | Mystery of the Last Tsar

Her Imperial Highness, The Grand Duchess Anastasia Nicholaievna Romanov was born on June 18, 1901. She was the fourth child of Tsar Nicholas the second, and the Empress Alexandra. She was a big disappointment because by now they were hoping for a boy to be the tsarevich and the next tsar. She had ...

22. Reginald Beck

Editor | Don Giovanni

Reginald Beck was born on February 5, 1902 in St Petersburg, Russian Empire. He is known for his work on Don Giovanni (1979), Hamlet (1948) and The Long Dark Hall (1951). He died on July 12, 1992 in England.

23. Ansa Ikonen

Actress | Vaivaisukon morsian

Ansa Ikonen was born on December 19, 1913 in St. Petersburg, Russian Empire as Aili Ansa Inkeri Ikonen. She was an actress, known for Vaivaisukon morsian (1944), Substitute Wife (1936) and Pikajuna pohjoiseen (1947). She was married to Jalmari Rinne. She died on May 23, 1989 in Helsinki, Finland.

24. Galina Ulanova

Actress | Romeo i Dzhulyetta

Galina Ulanova was born on January 8, 1910 in St. Petersburg, Russian Empire. She was an actress, known for Romeo & Juliet (1955), Russian Ballerina (1947) and The Magical World of Disney (1954). She was married to Vadim Ryndin, Yuri Zavadsky and Ivan Bersenev. She died on March 21, 1998 in ...

25. Sergei Yutkevich

Director | Lenin v Polshe

He has made been famous in the young soviet cinema by his films about Lenin (Lenin v Polshe (1966) and others). He had a great international acclaim by his version of Othello (1956) and engaged to the Soviet cinema two French stars: Marina Vlady for Lika in Syuzhet dlya nebolshogo rasskaza (1969) ...

26. Grand Duchess Marie

Self | Mystery of the Last Tsar

Her Imperial Highness, The Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna Romanova was born on June 26, 1899. She was the third daughter of Tsar Nicholas II and Tsarina Alexandra. She had two older sisters - Olga and Tatiana, one younger sister - Anastasia, and one younger brother Alexei. Maria's siblings usually ...

27. Boris Smirnov

Actor | Voyna i mir

Boris Smirnov was a Russian actor of Moscow Art Theatre also known for his film role as Prince Vasili Kuragin in War and Peace (1966).

He was born Boris Aleksandrovich Smirnov, on October 26, 1908, in St. Petersburg, Russia. From 1925 to 1929 he studied acting at Leningrad Institute of Theatrical ...

29. Mariya Kapnist

Actress | Ruslan i Lyudmila

Mariya Kapnist was born on March 22, 1914 in St. Petersburg, Russian Empire as Mariya Rostislavovna Kapnist. She was an actress, known for Ruslan and Ludmila (1972), Shans (1984) and Savage Hunt of King Stakh (1980). She died on October 25, 1993 in Kiev, Ukraine.

30. Tamara Makarova

Actress | Uchitel

Tamara Makarova was born on August 13, 1907 in St. Petersburg, Russian Empire as Tamara Fyodorovna Makarova. She was an actress and writer, known for The New Teacher (1939), The Vow (1946) and Maskarad (1941). She was married to Sergey Gerasimov. She died on January 18, 1997 in Moscow, Russia.

31. Kaarlo Angerkoski

Actor | Ja alla oli tulinen järvi

Kaarlo Angerkoski was born on April 8, 1906 in St. Petersburg, Russian Empire. He was an actor, known for Ja alla oli tulinen järvi (1937), VMV 6 (1936) and Rykmentin murheenkryyni (1938). He was married to Siiri Angerkoski. He died on October 1, 1939 in Kotka, Finland.

32. Valentin Berezhkov

Self | The Road to War

Valentin Berezhkov was the last living man who personally dealt with Hitler, Stalin, Roosevelt, and Churchill at the times of the Second World War.

He was born Valentin Mikhailovich Berezhkov on July 2, 1916, in St. Petersburg, Russia. Young Berezhkov was interested in history and languages. He ...

33. Feliks Yusupov

Writer | J'ai tué Raspoutine

Prince Feliks Yusupov was a member of Russian nobility who became famous for killing Grigory Rasputin.

He was born on March 23, 1887, in St. Petersburg, Russia, into one the wealthiest families of that time. After the tragic death of his brother, he became heir to the immense fortune of the Yusupov ...

34. Aleksandr Zarkhi

Director | Deputat Baltiki

Aleksandr Zarkhi was born on February 18, 1908 in St. Petersburg, Russian Empire as Aleksandr Grigoryevich Zarkhy. He was a director and writer, known for Baltic Deputy (1937), Twenty Six Days from the Life of Dostoyevsky (1981) and Red Army Days (1935). He died on January 27, 1997 in Moscow, ...

35. Yuriy Tolubeev

Actor | Revizor

Yuri Vladimirovich Tolubeev (Yuri Tolubeyev) was born on May 1, 1905, in St. Petersburg, Russia. In 1929 he graduated from the Leningrad Institute of Theatrical Arts as an actor. From 1926-1979 Tolubeyev worked as an actor and director with various theatres in Leningrad (St. Petersburg), mainly ...

36. Ferdinand von Alten

Actor | Othello

Ferdinand von Alten was born on April 13, 1885 in St. Petersburg, Russian Empire as Baron von Lamezan auf Altenhofen. He was an actor, known for Othello (1922), Anna Boleyn (1920) and Madame Récamier (1920). He died on March 17, 1933 in Dessau, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany.

37. Georgiy Teykh

Actor | Solyaris

Georgiy Teykh was born on June 13, 1906 in St. Petersburg, Russian Empire as Georgi Nikolayevich Tejkh. He was an actor, known for Solaris (1972), Rasputin (1981) and Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women (1968). He died on January 29, 1992 in St. Petersburg, Russia.

39. Glikeriya Bogdanova-Chesnokova

Actress | 12 stulev

Glikeriya Bogdanova-Chesnokova was a popular Russian comedienne, dancer and singer who performed about three thousand concerts for the servicemen during the Second World War, and was also known for her hilarious gags and funny faces, notably in the film Mister Iks (1958).

She was born Glikeria (Lika...

40. Lydia Potechina

Actress | Dr. Mabuse, der Spieler

Lydia Potechina was born on September 5, 1883 in St. Petersburg, Russian Empire. She was an actress, known for Dr. Mabuse the Gambler (1922), I by Day, You by Night (1932) and Looping the Loop (1928). She died on April 7, 1934 in Moscow, RSFSR, USSR.

41. Alexis Bobrinskoy

Actor | The Mulberry Accelerator

Alexis Bobrinskoy was born on October 16, 1893 in St. Petersburg, Russian Empire as Alexis Alexeevitch Bobrinskoy. He was an actor, known for The Mulberry Accelerator (1955), I Am a Camera (1955) and Overseas Press Club - Exclusive! (1957). He died on February 6, 1971 in London, England.

42. Olga Leino

Actress | Anna-Liisa

Olga Leino was born on June 17, 1871 in St. Petersburg, Russian Empire as Olga Kosonen. She was an actress, known for Anna-Liisa (1911), Sylvi (1913) and Noidan kirot (1927). She was married to Juho Leino. She died on May 23, 1962.

43. Nathalie Lissenko

Actress | Kean

Nathalie Lissenko was born in 1886 in St. Petersburg, Russian Empire as Natalya Andrianovna Lisenko. She was an actress and costume designer, known for Edmund Kean: Prince Among Lovers (1924), L'affiche (1924) and A Narrow Escape (1920). She was married to Ivan Mozzhukhin. She died on January 7, ...

44. Pavel Kadochnikov

Actor | Podvig razvedchika

Pavel Kadochnikov was born on July 29, 1915 in Petrograd, Russian Empire as Pavel Petrovich Kadochnikov. He was an actor and director, known for Secret Agent (1947), Povest o nastoyashchem cheloveke (1948) and Bolshaya semya (1954). He was married to Rozaliya Kotovich. He died on May 2, 1988 in ...

45. Pavel Klushantsev

Director | Luna

Pavel Klushantsev was born on February 25, 1910 in St. Petersburg, Russian Empire as Pavel Vladimirovich Klushantsev. He was a director and writer, known for The Moon (1965), Planeta bur (1962) and Doroga k zvezdam (1957). He died on April 27, 1999 in St. Petersburg, Russia.

46. Alexandre Mnouchkine

Producer | Der Name der Rose

Alexandre Mnouchkine was born on February 10, 1908 in St. Petersburg, Russian Empire. He was a producer and actor, known for The Name of the Rose (1986), La révolution française (1989) and The Professional (1981). He was married to Simone Renant and Jane Hannen. He died on April 3, ...

47. Mariya Barabanova

Actress | Prints i nishchiy

Mariya Barabanova was born on November 3, 1911 in St. Petersburg, Russian Empire as Mariya Pavlovna Barabanova. She was an actress and director, known for The Prince and the Pauper (1943), Vsyo dlya vas (1964) and How Ivanushka the Fool Travelled in Search of Wonder (1977). She died on March 16, ...

48. Aleksandr Borodin

Soundtrack | Peggy Sue Got Married

Aleksandr Borodin was born on November 12, 1833 in St. Petersburg, Russia. He was in fact the illegitimate son of the Georgian Prince, Lukas Gedevanishvili, who registered his son under the name of his serf and payed for Borodin's private education in music, languages and sciences.

Young Borodin ...

49. Evgeniy Samoylov

Actor | V shest chasov vechera posle voyny

Evgeniy Samoylov was born on April 16, 1912 in St. Petersburg, Russian Empire as Evgeniy Valerianovich Samoylov. He was an actor, known for Six P.M. (1944), Waterloo (1970) and Shors (1939). He was married to Zinaida Levina. He died on February 17, 2006 in Moscow, Russia.

50. Aleksandr Borisov

Actor | Musorgskiy

Aleksandr Fedorovich Borisov was born on May 1, 1905, in St. Petersburg, Russia. His father was an industrial worker. Young Borisov was fond of theatre and participated in school drama club. In 1927 he graduated from the class of Yuri Yuryev at the Leningrad Theatre-Studio.

Borisov had also a ...

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