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1. Florence Gilbert

Actress | The Johnstown Flood

Born and mostly raised in Chicago. Mother took her and brother Eddie to Los Angeles when she was 14 (c. 1918) but reportedly looked a few years older, and got her into movies. Worked for Christy and Fox Studios. Around 1926, married entrepreneur Ashton Dearholt and bore him two children, son Lee ...

2. Judy Tyler

Actress | Jailhouse Rock

Her father a trumpeter with bands such as Paul Whiteman and Benny Goodman, and her mother was a former Ziegfeld Follies dancer. Judy studied ballet, music, and acting, won a "Miss Stardust" beauty contest in 1949, danced with the Copacabana chorus line. and was making bit appearances on television ...

3. Rock Madison

Actor | Creature of the Walking Dead

A hoax name! Made up by Jerry Warren as a cross between Rock Hudson and Guy Madison, Warren originally intended to use it as a pseudonym for male lead Tom Maruzzi in Man Beast (1956). However, to make the cast seem larger, Warren turned around and included Maruzzi also at 3rd billing, though ...

3 names.

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