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1. Lynne Conner Smith

Actress | Lazer Town

Lynne Conner, as an artist, my role is to inspire, empower, challenge, entertain and heal through the arts. A Film graduate of MSMU, Lynne directed her 1st short Film Raising KIngs about intergenerational healing in a male family. Conner has produced several short films, most recently The Donkey ...

2. Sherrick

Actor | Sherrick: Let's Be Lovers Tonight

La Motte Smith, professionally known as "Sherrick," was born in Sacramento, California, U.S.A. Sherrick recorded with the group Kagny and the Dirty Rats. Raynoma Gordy, ex-wife to Berry Gordon, secured Sherrick a recording deal with Warner Brothers where his Michael Stokes -produced debut album '...

2 names.

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