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1. Aaron Bomar

Actor | Miles Handy

Aaron Bomar was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. Raised by a wonderful woman who showered him with love and affection, it wasn't until the age of 12 that Bomar discovered who his natural parents were - friends of his "family" whom he occasionally visited and who lived just blocks away. In an instant ...

2. Aliya Michelle

Aliya Michelle was a 'posse member' of BET's "Teen Summit" (1994 to 1997), the groundbreaking program that served as a platform for teens all over the globe. The series emphasized the need for teens to set fine examples for their peers, and raised real-life issues faced by real teens - unscripted. ...

3. James Lyones

Actor | Key of Brown

James Lyones hails from Chicago, IL. From an early age, he loved the way TV and film affected his life: a great show made him feel good. He always wanted to pass that feeling onto others, so he asked friends (also in the industry) how to get started. Fortunately, they put him on the right path and ...

4. Julie Chapin

Actress | Sangre Negra... Black Blood

Born and raised in the "Brotherly Love" city of Philadelphia, Julie Chapin had a knack for grabbing attention at an early age. As a child, Julie performed plays for friends and neighbors and, by the age of 12, incorporated her entrepreneurial skills by creating puppet shows and hiring herself out ...

5. LenteTresor

Actress | The Man in the Cave

Even at her young age, LenteTresor can 'hang' with the best of them. Known in certain circles as "America's Newest Sweetheart," this actress-singer-model rocked Amy Winehouse's tune "Tears Dry On Their Own" (as seen on YouTube) so much so that the late singer's father was inspired to send a ...

6. Lisa Franklin Wall

Actress | Infintile of I

"Trial by fire" could well describe Lisa Franklin's life. As a young mother of two small children (ages one and two), Lisa and her family were transferred to Belgium due to her husband's occupation in the pharmaceutical industry. The simplest chores (grocery shopping, asking for directions, meeting...

7. Michael Giovanni

Actor | Easy Hustle

Michael Giovanni is an American actor of Hispanic descent. Born in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico in 1984, Giovanni got his first true taste of acting after he was discovered by actor Michael K. Williams at a mall in Harrisburg, PA. Williams convinced Giovanni to audition for the HBO hit series "The Wire" ...

8. Mike Jerome Putnam

Animation Department | The Avengers

Born Michael Jerome Putnam, Aka Jerome Hamilton he was placed in foster care and adopted at age 3

After serving and retiring as a Sheriff's Deputy In Oregon At Age 50 in May 2010, Hamilton decided to become a serious full-time actor and model, He landed his first modeling gig for a Luis Vuitton ...

9. Nina Fowler

Actress | R-Naught 15

Nina Fowler became an actor almost by accident: she was taking business courses that required giving presentations, and decided to take acting classes simply to alleviate stage fright. Not only did the strategy work, but it changed the course of her life: she decided to pursue acting as a career.


10. Phil Bernardin

Writer | The Watch

He was raised in New York City, though he spent a year in Haiti during his teen years; when he was just a child; and, his dominating presence is tempered by a sincere dedication to help those in need. His love acting began in his early teen years when he was a budding artist and decided he should ...

11. Said Faraj

Actor | Green Zone

Award Winning International Actor. Faraj is Druze American. Since the age of 7 he always dreamed of becoming an Actor. At age 16 while war was going on he fled and came to the USA. First he landed in New York 1983, from there he flew to California. where his dream to become an Actor Started. Has ...

12. Terry D. Palmer

Actor | Mafia Man

Terry D. Palmer has been in "the game" a long time. And he's as active today as he was when he portrayed roles in prominent films like "Shaft's Big Score," "The Mack," and, arguably the icon of all blaxploitation films, "Super Fly."

But Terry's experience goes beyond those. This SAG/AFTRA actor has ...

12 names.

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