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1. Dice

Actor | Sundown Riders

Dice was owned by Ralph McCutcheon, his first successful pinto stallion. Dice could do a variety of tricks, like pull a revolver from a pocket, knock down cowboys, boost cowboys by the seat of the pants, kneel, lie down and play dead, count numbers with hoof, bow, and smile or yawn upon command, ...

2. Modoc

The Greatest Show on Earth

Modoc was former Circus elephant Ralph Helfer found for sale in the newspaper that he bought for only a thousand Dollars for a new Television series in 1961 called Frontier Circus (1961) from a private Zoo In the hills of the Ozark Mountains. When Ralph and his friend Frank Lamping drove across the...

3. Ralph Helfer

Fright Night

Ralph Helfer was born in Chicago, Illinois and even as child he knew he wanted to live in Africa, work with exotic animals and have an African Lion for a friend. He even pledged his life to a crusade against animal cruelty. In 1942 Ralph's Mother left her husband Sam then took him and his sister ...

4. Tana Helfer

Actress | Savage Harvest

Tana Helfer was born in Los Angeles California, the daughter of the legendary animal trainers Ralph and Toni Helfer who owned the "Natures Haven: Wild Animal Rentals" in Van Nuys, California. Her parents named her after a river in Kenya, East Africa and to her father Ralph Helfer said she was, and ...

5. Zamba

Actor | The Lion

Zamba was an orphaned African lion cub owned by Ralph Helfer, an exotic animal trainer who owned a ranch called "Nature's Haven: Wild Animal Rentals Co," in Van Nuys, California that he opened in 1955.

The cub was named after the Zambezi River in Zambia, where he was found, almost near death by two ...

5 names.

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