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1. Najee De-Tiege

Actor | Actor for Hire

Najee De-Tiege was born in Los Angeles California in 1989 was raised by a single parent his mother. At the age of 16 Najee moved to Hawaii with his Dad to help with the Family Business "Divine Hawaiian Coffee'. Living in Hawaii he connected with his father, who inspired him to pursue acting. Najee ...

2. Romel De Silva

Actor | He's All That

Romel De Silva is a Los Angeles actor, writer, and comedian. Recent credits include: Sebastian Woo in "He's All That" (Netflix), Oliver Ramos in "Ghostwriter" (Apple TV+), and Sawyer Friedman in "The Prank" (XRM Media). Romel is a BFA graduate of The American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) and...

2 names.

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