Crushed Wings (2021)
Moving, heartfelt and a learning experience!
27 October 2021
As a woman living in the Philippines, a conservative country, and religion as the basis of morality, I feel this movie. Although some cultural practices or traditions may differ, I can still relate to the stigma when it comes to female sexuality. How a woman's purity and worth are based on their genitalia, and women are nothing more but the bearer of the children and servant for the husband.

The scenes are depicted strongly and very moving! It can be an eye-opener for children's rights, women empowerment, and sexual violence. I love how they showcase the scenes realistically as possible. It can strike a conversation. I believe that these things happen and need to talk about more often. When it comes to consent in terms of FGM, it gives in-depth detail about the said practice. It can affect a person and can cause trauma. A traumatic experience can last a lifetime.

Ria's narratives are heartfelt. Her dialogue is relatable and easy to understand that's why you can empathize with her. Her symbolisms and metaphors are interesting that makes her dialogue more catching. As she walks through life alone, you can feel her despair and longing for answers.

All in all, I can say that this can be used to open taboo and stigma-related topics.
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