Crushed Wings (2021)
Great movie about a terrible reality
26 October 2021
Portrait of a crude reality that feels alien to us in other parts of the world but that doesn't make it less relatable or painful to see, and that it takes a path where this cultural heritage is questioned and shown from the perspective of those who suffer the consequences (one cannot help but to cheer for Ria in the mission she embarks on).

It shows that it is possible to question and break the cycle of a tradition that oppresses and tortures millions of women today, gives a voice and hope to the victims of these FGM rituals, especially bearing in mind that it is based on a collection of stories by survivors with different backgrounds.

Regarding the technical aspect, I think it is very successful, photography is impressive and quite typical of the place to which it refers, the edition feels very natural and the direction of Lalit Bhusal builds a story very fluent and entertaining to watch.
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