Crushed Wings (2021)
Deep and nuanced, this one is a winner!
24 October 2021
Directed by Lalit Bhusal, Crushed Wings showcases a powerful tale of fighting against the odds and against culture to do what is right. Taking inspiration from millions of women around the world forced to undergo FGM, Crushed Wings develops a protagonist forced to undergo the same procedure, only to empower her to chart a dangerous journey in a deeply patriarchal society to save her two sisters from the same fate that beset her.

Doing double duty as both writer and director, Bhusal weaves a complex yet intimate portrayal of a sensitive issue. Using a moving script and powerful yet nuanced performances, Bhusal puts the audience right into the protagonist's shoes, making a bold and daring statement about a practice that the world has been so far unable to eradicate.

Moving and poignant, Lalit Bhusal's feature about the horrific practice successfully holds up the mirror to society, moving its audiences everywhere to redouble their efforts to bring an end to FGM. Anchored by terrific performances and an emotional story at its core, Crushed Wings will definitely breathe a new life into the movement to end FGM and is bound to make much deserved waves at upcoming festival screenings.
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