Pardon the Interruption...and update.
12 October 2021
Since I felt compelled to pause my binge watching in the middle of S1- E7 to give this review, I'm just going to get right to it. This series gets better each episode. I'm not sure if the reason for this rests on the perfect cast, or the writing that brilliantly blends quit-witted lingo, political impact on community, and old fashion romance with just enough heart felt friendship moments. In the wee hours of this morning, all I know for certain is that it all just works! Now, for me, it's back to the show.

Update: The series ended magnificently, and so much so that I watched every episode again. It was then that I realized how good the writing was from the beginning and how every word and every action of every character wasn't wasted but designed to make the ending just perfect.
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