NCIS: Hawai'i (2021– )
An Overstuffed Episode
21 September 2021
I was skeptical over this new show, and I had every right to be. The episode just seemed like any generic episode of an NCIS show, but set in Hawai'i. The scenery of this episode was great, but I wish they did more with the Hawai'i setting, and not just make it an average NCIS episode.

They also tried to cram a bunch of character details in the episode and while some were pretty interesting, they felt dull because they felt shoved into the episode, and this also results to a disjointed episode.

A lot of the characters were uninteresting, but they could be better throughout the season. The acting was decent, and when we did get meaningful character interactions, they were also pretty good.

And even if it feels like any NCIS episode, it's still a fun and entertaining one, with the mystery of the Naval aircraft and solving who's behind it. And when the show did take advantage of it's Hawai'i aspects, they did a decent job with it.

Overall, it was a fun, and the scenery was great but the show seems overstuffed, resulting into uninteresting characters. Throughout the season, I hope the characters will become fleshed out and interesting.
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