The Guilty (2021)
Proof that all you need for a good movie is a tight script
14 September 2021
'The Guilty' is a remake of the 2018 Danish film of the same name. I have been meaning to get around to seeing the original for a while and never have. It's probably a good thing. When I watch originals of films and then watch the American remake I almost never like it as much. On this occasion I was able to enjoy the story completely fresh and get each twist and turn as it came to be. I really enjoyed this film.

It blows my mind how exciting a film can be with absolutely zero action scenes of any kind and the camera just focused on one person sitting at a computer screen for 90 minutes. It shows just how well put together this script is. The pacing is electric and the dialogue is exquisitely written. Also Jake Gyllenhaal is superb in the role. As are all the guest stars (some big names too) who play voice roles along the way.

People will likely hate on this film simply for existing as a remake. It happens with every one of them unfortunately, whether they are well made or not. I would suggest to ignore the reviews on films like this and make up your own mind. I thoroughly enjoyed it though I can tell you that. 9/10.
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