Plenty of Action From Republic
28 May 2021
Warning: Spoilers
For a Republic Film this one has a large cast headed by the Duke. Then a lot of the support from Edgar Kennedy to Patsy Kelly are darned good character actors. Several silent film actors have bit roles. There is one thing that puts this B Feature above the average one- good Direction. The director of Key Largo keeps this movie well paced and handles the cast well.

Wayne plays a druggist/pharmacist from Boston who is coming to California to marry his girl friend in San Francisco. Because of some bad guys he winds up in Sacramento opening a drug store. Kennedy becomes his side kick when the druggist heals his bad tooth.

From here, there's sub-plots from murder to poisoning, to typhoid panic, to the gold rush to keep things hopping as things get rolling. Formula holds here as the bad guy is trying to get rid of the druggist as he is afraid of losing his girl. In the end, he drives her into Wayne's arms. Meanwhile the girl he came to marry suddenly is not so attractive due to her own selfish desires.

I have given too much away, but this film is an enjoyable one, a better than average Republic Western.
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