Cruel Jaws (1995 Video)
I like Bruno Mattei, but this is just TERRIBLE!
4 March 2021
Some say Director Bruno Mattei has always been "rip off" artist, but I personally found his 80s movies loads of fun, films like Hell of the Living Dead (1980), Rats: Night of Terror (1984) and The Other Hell (1985) were just great, cheesy, gory, B-movie Grindhouse fun! What is it about these Italian gore director's losing whatever charm they captured outside of that decade?! (even Dario Argento made some stinkers in the 90s) The dialogue is hard to hear, the plot a blatant rip off of Jaws, musical cues stolen from not just Jaws, but STAR WARS as well (and its OH so obvious), it even steals a few scenes from the various Jaws movies! This film lacks what the other Mattei movies I mentioned have...that cheesy B-movie "fun" feel. Cruel Jaws is just poorly made, overly long, and BORING! Go seek out his 80s Grindhouse films instead!
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