On youtube you would be booted off.
25 January 2021
People on social media platforms are at the least being given warnings and at the most having their accounts cancelled for touting unproven information like this. While I am not a fan of censorship the CoronaVirus is just too dangerous for unproven information to be allowed masquerade as fact. I have noticed since the beginning of the Covid outbreak when you had the likes of David Icke claiming all sorts even that 5G was the cause, lately he has gone very quiet as the virus mutates and the infectiousness of the virus gets worse. This Pandemic is to deadly for a lot of people to allow either misinformed or self serving people to spread fake facts about the Pandemic. Our information must come from the scientists and medical people working at the coal face, some even loosing their lives in an effort to keep the rest of us safe. Please do not waste you time with this kind of stuff but if you must watch it please do not spread the so called misinformation they call facts, do some research first.
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