The Summit (II) (2012)
Greatly Confusing
10 January 2021
An amazing and sadly true story, and it'll make you want to watch to the end. But if you're a climber who's not already familiar with the story and K2 or if you have genuine interest in mountaineering/alpinism, then you'll end up having to rewind, take notes, and draw out a diagram to figure out what the hell this documentary is trying depict. I challenge a filmmaker to do a better job of laying out the story. The back and forth in time, the extra Walter B. story intertwined, the numerous people and groups and teams and sherpas...not that one can control the number of "characters," but one could have made it less jumbled and scattered. Just really, really confusing...I really had to think back, like okay wait how did 25 go up, 18 made it to the summit, and 11 returned...and 11 died. Sounds like simple math (maybe), but the way the documentary jumps around in time, it's hard to piece it together. Not impossible though, just seemed like basic stuff the viewer could have been more clearly told or shown.
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