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The Expecting (2020– )
Below what I was Expecting!
8 November 2020
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this only because of ASR, as I happened to be a big fan since the days of Terabithia, which I could relate very much. Personal reasons!

But this series was really disappointing. Other than the acting of ASR, nothing much to see. Very predictable right from the beginning. Aliens trying to create alien human hybrid and take over the planet, after visiting us from some far away galaxy? Oh, come on. Aren't you bored of it, that concept is being used since the 70s or since the beginning of cinematography or even longer before from HG Well's War of the world.

And why even make episodes of 8 minutes duration, and not make a movie or short film instead? Even YouTube miniseries are longer than this!

So many controversies in the episodes too! Why did that Russian doctor insisted her to go when it was a normal baby to begin with! Why did she want to keep the baby so long when she knew something was wrong! And googling your symptoms of illness, what message are you sending to an already tech overwhelmed generation, denying to believe in science, whatsoever!

Biggest question so far. Why do all aliens have to look the same, as if they changed sets from the 1980's Species! Lol

Still i big fan, ASR. You go girl. :)
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