Creepshow (1982)
Five tales of Frightful Fun!
31 October 2020
Like I said in a previous review, I have a soft spot for Horror anthologies as they offer a nice variety of frights and this one takes the cake big time. With Stephen King and George Romero at the helm, this is a fun filled laugh and scream fest that delivers big time. All five tales here offer something special, even King himself stars in one tale doing a good job playing a charming but dim-witted hick. It's hard to pick a favorite here, but if I were to ask, mine would be "The Crate" for it's elaborate storytelling, dark humor at it's finest and the great creature effects of the yeti monster. I also have a soft spot for the first tale, which has equal doses of dark humor, with the line "Where's my cake!?" being one of my favorite quotes in the movie. Overall, if you're looking for some Halloween fun, you can't go wrong with this one!
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