Weekend (1967)
Pretentious crap posing as great art or as a film with a message.
25 October 2020
"Week End" is a film by the French filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard. Many think Godard is a genius and his films invariably have high ratings. I've seen quite a few of his films and, with a few exceptions, I keep thinking of the kid in Hans Christian Andersen's "The Emperor's New Clothes" who shouts out 'The Emperor is naked!'. In other words, so many of Godard's films are unwatchable and pretentious....and the artsy folks go on and on at length about the genius of his work, while the average non-crazy viewer is confused and wonders why anyone would make such terrible stuff in the first place!

Before you assume I am an uncultured boob, then try to explain why in his sci-fi masterpiece "Alphaville", the world is run by a sentient space heater. Or why in "Pierre le Fou" Jean-Paul Belmondo paints his head blue, wraps dynamite around it and blows himself up!! This ain't normal or enjoyable stuff here!

In "Week End" all sorts of absurdist stuff happens which involve a completely self-absorbed couple. These folks race their car along the road paying no heed to the MANY accidents with blood-strewn bodies all over the pavement, some folks pull out guns and start shooting them off like they are in a Keystone Kops film, as well as a hitchhiker/kidnapper who declares that he is God and performs some miracles, and many more bizarro things. I am pretty sure that Godard is trying to say how banal and pointless life is in western world and how bereft of value the middle class is...but why does this have to be done in such a nonsensical manner?! The film is about as enjoyable to watch as film footage of a slaughterhouse or a toilet. Confusing artsy stuff intended for the select few....of which, I am not one.
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