Eternal torment is watching this movie.
22 October 2020
Warning: Spoilers
You'll need to turn the volume on this a cult movie down. Way down, because otherwise you will have a headache 20 minutes into it with the bad sound and long drawn-out music chords that is like on an organ stuck on one note until someone pulls the plug. It is cheap because they obviously shot it in one of the financier's homes, and obviously they put out a nonunion casting call. When the grinding organ stops, they overdo the xylophone banging, all the while discussing why those who firmly believe in the Christian religion should also believe in the devil. Even in not taking its devil worship story seriously, I could tell right off that the film just had ugly intentions, one note characters and an outlandish story that should have been retitled "Rosemary's Afterbirth". Hideous and unwatchable in every way.
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