Rawhide: Incident at Farragut Pass (1963)
Season 6, Episode 6
One rotten kid
17 October 2020
Frankie Avalon who usually played nice people on the big and small screen gets a change of pace in this Rawhide story. Avalon plays a spoiled rotten grandson of Glenda Farrell the local cattle baroness of the area.

To go through her local Ponderosa she has Eric Fleming take Avalon with him to try and shape him up. But Avalon's punk persona makes him enemies of all the drovers.

So Fleming assigns him as a second cook's louse to Paul Brinegar who really doesn't like him. But Avalon forms a strange bond with simple and trusting Mushy.

Some of James Murdock's best scenes in Rawhide are in this episode with Avalon. One never knows in this life who will bond with who,

And Frankie Avalon gets to sing a little as well.
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