Nice and moving film about the confrontation between lumberjacks led by Alan Ladd and ranchers led by Jeanne Crain
17 October 2020
Decent Alan Ladd vehicle about confrontation between ranchers and timbermen. A tough logger : Alan Ladd and his group : Gilbert Roland , Noah Beery Jr., among others, go to the outskirts of Deep Wells. There they contend a beautiful rancher: Jeanne Crain and her foreman : Lyle Bettger . The towners are opposed to trees cutting , thinking of falling trees would cause mudslide sweeping the buildings.

An exciting film in Western style about violent feud, thrills , action , fights and romance. Based on the novel by prolific Louis L'Amour , whose books have got several cinematic adaptations . Stars Alan Ladd gives a passable acting in his usual style , though he seems to be oldest than his true age : 46 at the time of shooting , that's why he was a real drunk, in fact he died early at 50 for mingling drinking and pills . He was already in his fall after his succesful films, especially in Film Noir, such as The Black Cat, The Glass Key, This Gun for Hire The Blue Dahlia, or other genres in movies as The Great Gastby , Botany Bay, Hell below Zero, The Black Night, The Badlanders and his bigh hit : Shane. While the always gorgeous Jeanne Crain is pretty well as her contender as well as her sweetheart . And a large support cast of notorious secondaries, such as : the teen idol Frankie Avalon playing some catching songs , Alana Ladd -Alan Ladd's daughter- as the sweet girlfriend , the ordinary baddie Lyle Bettger , the Latino Gilbert Roland, Noah Beery Jr as a sympathetc logger , Regis Toomey as a good-tempered Sheriff and Verna Felton as grumpy grandmother. It displays a colorful and brilliant cinematography in glimmer Technicolor. As well as a stirring and evocative musical score by David Buttolph adding the enjoyable songs performed by singer Frankie Avalon .

The picture produced by Jaguar Productions- Alan Ladd ownership- and Warner Bros , being professionally directed by Robert D Webb. The latter was a professional artisan, an expert craftsman, at the beginning he worked as a director assistant, producer and subsequently fimmaker. He directed all kinds of genres as Western : White Feather, The Proud ones, The Jackals and Adventures : Pirates of Tortuga, Seven Citirs of Gold, The Way of Gold and Noir : The Cape Town Affair, The Spider, The Caribbean Mystery. Although he also made documentary and TV episodes from known series as Daniel Boone, Rawhide, Temple Houston series. Rating 5.5/10. Acceptable and passable. Well worth watching for Alan Ladd and Jeanne Crain fans.
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