The Boys: What I Know (2020)
Season 2, Episode 8
10 October 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Nothing makes sense in this finale. It's like they rushed it to a close.

All the build up and all plans that just were resolved and over with in minutes. It was like a more violent power rangers episode.

So Storm front can take laser beams from Homelander, but not his son. She can also take bullets without a dent to her body, but not a flimsy knife to the eye? And why wouldn't Butcher shoot her in the head instead of the back multiple times when she isn't facing him? She gets nearly obliterated, I mean all limbs cut perfect at the bends, her skin fried like Freddy Krueger, and barely alive, but Becca somehow is clean and has nothing but a cut perfectly placed at her jugular? How'd that happen? Laser vision would have cauterized or at least left a burn type injury. So stupid! Storm front has super strength, invulnerability, and powerful lightning, but can't kill Annie or fight everyone off? The inconsistencies break the logic of the reality of the show and remind me that it's just a bunch of actors. It seriously felt rushed. Like they just had to end it.

Very disappointed with this R rated power rangers final episode.
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