Not As Bad As People Make It Seem.
6 October 2020
Legendary Wisconsin filmmaker Bill Rebane puts the B in B-filmmaking.

And even though it's not his magnus opus, The Capture of Bigfoot is still a schlock gem.

Two trappers, hunting along the shores of the Lake of the Clouds, capture a young Bigfoot...when the mother shows up and attacks them both, in an attempt to rescue her child.

One of the men is dragged back into town by his sled dogs, which alerts the townsfolk, and triggers an investigation into the matter.

On the one hand, the dead man's best friend teams up with the local forest ranger to find out what really happened to him.

While on the other hand, the towns meanest and most wealthy citizen hires a couple of the town's mercenary trappers to capture the "critter", just as a couple of curious kids set out to see if they can confirm if there is any actual veracity to the legend they've been told.

After several men go missing from the area, the two hired hands manage to track down and kill the young creature.

Now, it's mother is out for vengeance.

We get the backstory about the creature from the forest ranger's girlfriend. She tells him it's name is Arak, and claims that it is the protector of the Arak Indian Tribe who lived in the Lake of the Clouds area.

She describes how it would watch over the burial grounds of the elders, who considered it their God.

Generally, it would never harm anyone, even when sighted...however, it has been known to reign terror down on anyone who it perceives to be a threat to the land...or it's family.

This places the film in the same category as The Shining, The Prophecy and The Manitou.

The town is home to a popular ski resort...so the police are becoming worried that any further attempt to trap the creature will only make it more angry, and trigger an even larger killing spree...which could lead to a panic that would put the town's economic security at risk.

This encourages everyone to shift their focus from capturing, to killing the mythological beast.

Well, everyone except the greedy, psychotic goon that is.

He plans to use the two trappers he hired as live bait in a scheme to capture the creature once and for all...so that he can profit from it.

Meanwhile, the forest ranger seeks advice from a local native man about how to proceed.

He gives the ranger a special amulet, which will allow Arak to understand him.

Now, everyone must work together in order to free her...or risk suffering the wrath of divine retribution themselves.

Let's just say...the ending is pretty explosive...

With mediocre acting and a mild cult style, this film is pure cheese.

The monster isn't your typical bigfoot either, it's got white hair and comes off more like a yeti.

And it's essentially just a guy in a gorilla costume, played by Rebane's brother Randolph.

But, overall, it's a fun and entertaining film.

5 out of 10.
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