An alleged thriller with a message that turns out to be dull
7 September 2020
When college student Denise (Susan McCullough) announces to her brothers that she's dropping out of school to get married, oh and she's also pregnant, oh and the husband-to-be is black, their reactions are somewhat different. Younger sensitive brother Vance (Mickey Dolenz) is shocked yet supportive, while older brother Dan (James Ralston) is enraged, spewing out virulent racist comments between swings of his fists. After Denise's fiancee is shot by an assassin, a whole series of murders begin to occur, leaving the police baffled. Maybe recently returned priest Father Jessie (Chuck Patterson) can put an end to it.

Former Monkee Mickey Dolenz will be the main draw for curious viewers these days, but I warn them: this very low budget effort is a chore to sit through. The acting is bad, the script is worse, and the filmmaking comes in dead last. The film seems to want to shine a light on the destructive power of racism, but it's done in such a stupid, incoherent manner as to minimize any messaging that was intended. That would be perfectly fine if either the mystery or thriller elements were well handled, but they're not. The mystery's resolution is dumb and a cheat, while the suspense is non-existent, since you don't care if these people live or die. I've seen this movie listed in horror books over the years, but it's not a horror film at all, so don't expect one. Oh, and no one is strangled, either.
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