Dark Future (1994)
Big ideas, but so little budget...
29 July 2020
Warning: Spoilers
I do believe that 90% of the budget for this film went to the flaming cans that littered the pleasure place, or was it the forbidden zone? A film by Greydon Clark, not the Hobgoblin one, the other. Yeah, I didn't know there were two bad directors with the same name either. This one does put out slightly better films than the Hobgoblin one, but that is not saying much. A film set in the future, Greydon's done that before, but in this one he does something totally different! He leaves out any explanation as to what the old guys' plans were! Oh wait, I don't think he ever explained why the aliens abducted those two in The Return either and I bet he has left a lot of unanswered questions on the table...maybe he was thinking sequel?

The story has humans in the future living in some underground city that people that are sort of cyborgs come for fun. For reasons unknown, the city is full of flaming cans...not even joking, a character is fleeing at the beginning and you see can after can after can on fire! Well, later some of the cyborgs come and start doing their thing, but here a baby crying, which sets off a bartender dude that looks like a blonde Don Mattingly who thinks now is the time for a revolution! Why not? The cyborgs are not tough at all, most going down with a single shot. While trying to protect the baby though they end up going beyond their strange pleasure place, into the real world where old guys want to do things to the baby to extend their lives that do not look fulfilling at all...

The premise has some good points, but the execution and parts of the story bring this film to the normal Greydon Clark circa 90's film is. Why the cyborgs need sex is anyone's guess and why the old men who are human make the humans live in such randomness is beyond me. Why all the themed rooms? Makes little sense, but I did like how the place seemed like a really cool maze.

So, it is not very good, just goes all over the place and in the end it leaves so much stuff on the table that I am curious if a sequel was made or planned and possibly scrapped. I did kind of like the underground world that was very maze like, but it really seemed odd that cyborg guys would need such a place to relax and sit a spell. It makes less sense that a bunch of old men would want to continue living in smelly cloaks with no women controlling the cyborgs in the horrible orange jumpsuits as that does not seem like a fun life. Oh well, just a movie with no answers to many questions such as why were there so many flaming garbage cans underground!
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